Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Gallup on Happiness, Continued

Jews are the happiest group in America, and frum Jews are the happiest Jews! The New York Times continues in its coverage of the Gallup Well-Being Study The bad news is that fewer Jews...


Out of the Mouths of Frum Babes

Quite often, I find myself in front of audiences of relgious non-Jews, explaining what committed Jewish life is all about. There is never time, of course, to convey more than a few vignettes and...


All In a Day’s Work

Almost always, I shy away from mixing business with blogging pleasure. Too many people, I fear, would just not appreciate how I spend a good deal of my working day. Essentially, my job at...


Rabbi Zechariah Fendel z”l

I note with great sadness the petirah last week of Rabbi Zechariah Fendel z”l. In the days before Artscroll made everything accessible to us, Rabbi Fendel was one of the first to understand the...

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