Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Prof. Mark Steiner, z”l

One of the gems lost to Klal Yisrael during this plague was Prof. Mark Steiner, who was niftar yesterday. The first notices and appreciations focused on his important contributions to the philosophy of mathematics...

Got Mitzvos?

Got Mitzvos? We’ve done our best to find substitutes, to whatever extent possible, for our routines of davening and learning. Leyl seder, though, is going to be a hard one. We’re resigned to a...


BDE – Mara Kochba

I was devastated to learn a few days ago that Mara Kochba, a friend for decades, had passed away on Shabbos. Mara was an activist’s activist. Professionally, she was a PR guru, a fund-raiser,...

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