Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


The Trump Opportunity Bubble

At every time of adversity, enterprising people have found ways to turn catastrophe to their own advantage. Every war, every conflict produced its profiteers – some legally, some not so. The tragicomedy of the...


Rabbi Maurice Lamm, z”l

We note with great sadness the petirah of one of the deans of the American rabbinate, Rabbi Maurice Lamm. My most vivid recollection of Rabbi Lamm is of the person who firmly put a...


The Magisterial Short Statement on BDS

I cannot imagine a better, succinct, even-keeled examination of global BDS than this. Not surprisingly, it was penned by a commentator without peer – Yossi Klein Halevi. Bookmark this one, and then give copies...


An Unfortunate Announcement

We don’t often see an effort by a beis din that ties together so many elements of the Orthodox community – Israel and the US; haredi and centrist. Sadly, it is a warning to...

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