Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Airbnb: Why I Disagree

Rabbi Shafran has a good point. The crux of the matter, indeed, is that the two of us, friendship aside, employ very different definitions of anti-Semitism. Rabbi Shafran prefers his definition, he tells us,...


Airbnb is Anti-Semitic

I rarely disagree with my good friend Rabbi Avi Shafran, even privately. Public disagreement between us is rarer then good single malt being left unfinished at a high-end kiddush. Friends, it must be time...


Returning Home to Auschwitz

If anyone can add more prose or more tears to the story of Auschwitz, it isn’t me. I’m on my way back from a few days in the Killing Fields, thanks to one of...


Notes From the Road

A few brief episodes looking back at a long road trip to different parts of the United States. The trip, which forced my wife and I to miss what people widely agree is the...

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