Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Immigration, Meet Balak

Everything that happens is alluded to in the weekly parshah, right? Sometimes it is just a little more difficult to see how. Not this week. Immigration policy is front and center. Am I being...


Response to a Reader

An anonymous reader submitted this: What was the point of this article? If it was to demonstrate the high moral ground of Rabbi Adlerstein, it succeeded admirably, and we can view this article as...


Moving Commentary 7: Yom Haatzmaut

As Thursday evening gently prodded Yom Haatzmaut revelers to begin closing down, my day was just beginning. Radio stations in America were asking for local commentary, and in a few cases, I was elected....


Notes From Johannesburg

A visit to Johannesburg began with elation in the company of a thriving Torah community, and ended with a mussar shmuess from some refugees from Zimbabwe. I’m not sure that there is anything like...


Moving Commentary6

Leaving Israel was always difficult for me, but I figured that this time, embarking on my first major trip back to the West, would be different. I was wrong. It was always the uncertainty...

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