Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


BDE – Mara Kochba

I was devastated to learn a few days ago that Mara Kochba, a friend for decades, had passed away on Shabbos. Mara was an activist’s activist. Professionally, she was a PR guru, a fund-raiser,...


So Who (What) Are We?

Just what Jews are has been debated for ages. In recent times, the different options have become agendized and politicized. My friend Rabbi Shmuel Goldin recently contributed a delightful, upbeat essay to Torah Tidbits...


A Hard Look at the State of American Jewry

As we observe Chanukah, celebrating (among other things) our survival while our persecutors disappeared, we recall the infamous Look Magazine cover story in 1964. “The Vanishing American Jew” predicted that American Jewry might soon...


A Freilichen Christmas?

No way. We’re not going there, or any place near it. We can be respectful of our Christian neighbors without going the way of too many American Jews who “get with” the holiday spirit...


Racism, Real and Perceived

We don’t have any racists in our community, right? Of course we do. And, as the political climate changes in the US, we’re going to pay a higher price for whatever racism does exist....

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