Author: Jeff Ballabon


Black and White

David Klinghoffer on black and white and shades of gray…Personally, I think I disagree. I think it is is all black and white, you just have to get really close to distinguish the pixels.


Looking Ahead:

Okay – so here’s the idea – Every year, the excellent bloggers at National Review Online’s “The Corner” issue predictions for the year to come. At the end of the year, their predictions are...


Friends and Enemies

Jonathan sends me a cautionary note; but it is a “reminder” of something that I have never forgotten. I only mention this fascinating item as a reminder to those like myself and my friend...


The Quality of Ideas

Greg (see Yaakov’s previous post) says: “Overall, this means a net increase in the quality of ideas and dialogue available, but I wonder how long before the censorship and stigmatization common to the traditional,...



I hated his piece on hate…but I love his piece on love…absoutely terrific stuff from Meir Soloveichik. (I agree with the general principle that hate plays a vital role, but I thought the hate...


More fun with PETA or, how about this one?



I want to open up the following discussion with my fellow bloggers and with any of the millions of of our readers who care to comment (gee, I hope the server can handle it):...


PETA and the Epoch of the Messiah

Hmmm… I think R. Yaakov and R. Avi are on to something…maybe that’s what the Talmud means when it says that immediately preceding the advent of the Messiah “pnei hador k’pnei hakelev” (the face...

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