Author: Avi Shafran


Agudath Israel Reacts to Rubashkin Sentencing

Reacting to U. S. District Court Judge Linda Reade’s sentencing of former Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin to 27 years in prison and five years probation, Agudath Israel of America executive vice president Chaim Dovid...


A Visit, A Memory and A Wish

There are few places on earth where the phrase “Shabbat Shalom” – “Sabbath of Peace,” introduced by the Safed kabbalists in the 15th century and used as a greeting by many Jews today – would fit so well.


Right of Return

It’s always edifying when bigots who have managed to elude full exposure for years suddenly slip and appear in full ingloriousness. Helen Thomas didn’t even need the alcohol that loosened Mel Gibson’s tongue and...


Hate Crime

No responsible journalist outside the Arab world and North Korea would ever dare report an unsupported allegation as fact.



forty-odd years ago, heart transplants, too, were flabbergasting. But, at least to thoughtful men and women, they were never remotely as amazing as hearts.


Rapper’s Sabbath

Despite having eclectic tastes in many things, I have no appreciation of urban music. And so I had never heard of Q-Tip (the person, that is; the object is familiar to me). He is...


The Mike’s Always On

The British election campaign just ended would seem an unlikely source for a Torah teaching moment, but there it was. One of the blows the Labour Party absorbed in the days preceding the election...


A Ray of Light in a Lion’s Den

“Boy, you’re brave,” said the first fellow to approach me at the table after the symposium. The panel discussion, on Sunday, April 25, was the second time in as many months that I had...

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