Author: Avi Shafran

Divining Ms. Kagan

Imagining that one can divine how a new Supreme Court justice will rule on the sort of fundamental issues often brought before the High Court – particularly when the justice has never before served...

Abuse of Power

Seldom if ever has so much misinformation and ill will been sown by people ostensibly concerned with truth and Jewish unity.

The Real Road to Jewish Unity

What most violates the ultimate oneness of the Jewish People are multiple definitions of the word “Jew” – what results from a smorgasbord of conversion standards.

Coercion in the Name of Liberty

Orthodox opposition to changing the legal meaning of matrimony in order to suit the Zeitgeist is not intended to, and does not, limit anyone’s religious rights.

A Note to Cross-Current Readers

On a number of occasions my attention has been drawn to the fact that some of my essays posted on Cross-Currents have elicited in their comments sections negative remarks about, portrayals of, or insinuations...

Concentric Circles

Precisely the intense empathy we feel and express for our “inner circles” enables us to feel genuine concern for those in more distant ones.

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