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Moonlighting in Halacha

for 5tjt.com This past week a terrible tragedy occurred in Scotland regarding a medical doctor.  It seems a doctor who was moonlighting did not inform his hospital that he was working another job.  On...


Hospitals and Halacha

Rabbi Jason Wiener is a young rov who has done an outstanding job as the senior Jewish chaplain at Cedars-Sinai Hospital Center in Los Angeles. His penchant for serious treatment of halacha is obvious...


Halacha Meets the Subprime Market

Being completely unschooled in the dismal science, I have nothing to say about the economic mess major parts of the very intertwined world finds itself in at the moment. In lieu of analysis, I...


On Halacha, no Compromises

About 20 years ago, I read an article in Tradition magazine in which the author posed the following “contradiction” in Maimonides’ Mishna Torah: We see that the Rambam usually adopts the “liberal” position. And...


Halacha is Not a Chinese Menu

Most issues raised by Rabbi Marc Angel’s recent essay on conversion standards are not going to change the quality of your life, unless you are a candidate for conversion. One issue does, and it...


Democracy vs Halacha

A reader writes: The topic you broached, the disengagement plan, will be the subject of of a conference at Bar Ilan Univ. on Tuesday (23 bTevet). The Disangagement Plan: Democracy versus Halakha? (4-8 pm,...

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