You May Be a Frum Boomer…

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  1. Bob Miller says:

    This year, we had the grand mass event, the Siyum Hashas, and also these much smaller presentations broadcast on the Web. And, in between the big and the small, the most serious phase of COVID-19 and then urban riot madness. Our ability to pick ourselves up and act with faith and optimism is being challenged in a really scary way. Our trust in material objects, material conditions, and every transient person or thing should be shifting rapidly to trust in HaShem alone.

  2. Sid says:

    Great article
    Chazak u’ varuch

  3. joel i rich says:

    Nice narrative, as someone I know says, “We’re not entitled to our own facts but we all seem to be entitled to choose the facts that fit our narrative”. In any event IMHO, much like the fasting itself per the Rambam, the question is what does anyone do differently today and tomorrow based on yesterday’s stimuli?

  4. dr. bill says:

    Rabbi, I have argued that even in matters of halacha, and certainly in non-halakhically mandated modes of daily living, modernity has a method of invading even be’chadrei chadarim of societies committed to various levels of isolation, albeit slowly. The lack of adoption of such methods of limmud because of COVID was unfortunate. To some this is in opposition to the ways dictated by our Mesorah; to me, it shows its strength.

    One omission from your list was Rabbi JJ Schachter’s shiurim almost all day in the style of the Rav ztl. They are very unique in their insight and historical accuracy. But I am nogeah be’davar his mother AH and I share a last name.

    • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything that I’ve heard and read from R. JJ Schachter. The omission was not intentional – and I’m sure there were others as well. Just strengthens my point about Torah “coming together.”

  5. tzippi says:

    I’ve learned that Tisha B’Av, when we have day devoted to contemplating the consequences of hitting bottom and what we are missing, is in effect the beginning of the calendar’s teshuva process. But this year it hit me: just because it’s after chatzos I don’t have to start listening to inspirational teshuva drashos that could be given any other day of the year. It’s a time to focus on the churban, that of the two Temples and throughout history.

    I pray that next year Moshiach’s here and I will no longer have an opportunity to do it “right.”

  6. Steve Brizel says:

    R M Willig also led a great analysis of Kinos and tied in the themes of Tisha B Av with every period of Tzaros ranging from Chet HaEgel Meraglim Shoah and Covid. It was absolutely riveting. R Moshe Schwerd , a fine Talmid Chacham and Magid Shiur is the author of three sefarim entitled Az Yashir which explore different themes of the Moadim. We are devoted fans of his drashos and his sefarim are marked by a deep exploration of the issues based on a wide range of Rishonim, Acharonim, Baalei Chasidus , Baalei Musar and all Gdolim . I highly recommend Az Yashir for anyone interested in exploring the themes of the Moadim.

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