Sanzer Rebbe: Anger and Tension in the home is worse than Chametz

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  1. Reader says:

    This type of counsel re how to make Pesach with joy has been circulating for many years now based on teachings of Rav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg z”l.

    It can be seen in various places, online and off, for example at

  2. Reuven Ungar says:

    All this from the son of a great tzaddik ztl who in the midst of Hell on earth promised to Hashem that if he would survive he would build a hospital to bring more Jews into the world. Baruch Hashem several of our children were born in Laniido. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Be’ezrat Hashem may we all merit to bring children into this world and to raise them with calm & joy as outlined above. (easier said than done, but someting to strive for- we all want to avoid chametz, let’s avoid negative atmospheres as well).

  3. dr. bill says:

    Though I have a few philosophical disagreements wrt hashgacha, I am overwhelmed by the Rebbe’s sensitivity and sagacious advice. Both his priorities wrt Pesach and focus on where to look for improvements given Covid -19 reflect what has been traditionally recognized as Torah infused wisdom.

    I have a warm place in my heart for Sanz. As a teenager right after WWI, my late father davened in a shul led by the Divrei Chaim’s grandson, a son of one of his older children. In the ghetto, he received a haunting Bracha from the youngest son of the Divrei Chaim, the Tzhiliener Rebbe, born when the Rebbe was in his late 70’s. He was killed by the Nazis YMS, a few days later. He said to my father: ba mir iz shoen tunkel; uber dir vellen de reshayim nisht hoben kain shelittah. (Translated: For me, it is already dark; over you, the Nazis will not rule.) Miraculously, my parents and my very young sister survived the war.

    The Rebbe displays the sensitivity that goes back to Rav Chaim of Sanz. The late Jacob Katz (primarily in The Shabbos Goy) writes about the disagreements between the Divrei Chaim and the positions of the Chatam Sofer, who lived almost 2 generations earlier. In my judgment, the Divrei Chaim exhibited a remarkable and profound awareness of the (new) world in which he lived and its halakhic implications.

  4. Weaver says:

    Now, this, my friends is da’as torah. (You know, it has both da’as and Torah.)

    • Neomi says:

      Torah is Daas and Daas is Torah

      He who created us knows how we operate best and He put it in His Holy Torah for us to follow

      • dr. bill says:

        Neomi, All knowledge may be embedded in the Torah; a group tried that approach with Bible codes a while back. They recently told us that the average amount of time between lunations was HLMM. Yes, Chazal’s use of the average period between lunations was brilliant, probably reflecting the best of scientific knowledge 1700 years ago. But if you believe it was part of an ancient oral tradition, why was God not as accurate as are today?? Remarkably, the ancients in Talmudic times got it correct to 6 decimal places; we have 2 decimal place more accuracy.

        But forget fact-based, rational reasoning. Suppose all knowledge is in fact embedded in the Torah; do we have a way to extract it accurately? We do not; our tradition is to learn from our Mesorah, not from the Holy Torah.

      • Weaver says:

        Not so (to simplify).
        “A Torah scholar without da’as is worse than a rotting carcass.”
        – A Gemara somewhere

      • nt says:

        dr. bill: I too have plenty of problems with the people who say knowledge of Torah equals knowledge of all of science, mainly because we don’t have that level of interpretation. But the answer to the lunation question is simple: The measures used by Chazal are only meant to be as accurate as necessary. Thus the diagonal of a square is 7/5 of its side in the gemara, even though scientifically it is 1.41… Tosafos points out that the measurement of the gemara is off by 1%. The amount of rounding allowed is part of the shiurim that are Halacha L’Moshe MiSinai.

        Also, your distinction between Mesorah and Torah is confusing. Mesorah just means tradition. It is the tradition of what the Torah says.

      • Natan – I think what Dr. Bill means is that “Torah” can include all kinds of information and sodos that are found in it. But we don’t necessarily have the ability to reliably access it. We are left with the sum total of what talmidei chachamim have put forth for considerations, examination and debate.

      • dr. bill says:

        Rabbi Adlerstein, thank you. To illustrate further RHS’s pesakim given our current situation do not quote the actual Torah but from how chachemai hamesorah, generation after generation, decided and how Jews were nohaig. That is our mesorah. It originates in the torah shebe’al peh and the torah shebe’kesav.

        With respect to hazal’s knowledge used to established the calendar, think of it this way. they were not approximating as they did with pi or the square root of 2. I do not believe that the tekufot of shmuel were necessarily an approximation. In ancient times the Metonic equation was thought precise and the calculation done since bayit rishon used by astronomers to calculate an average month was correct to 6 decimal places. 793 chalakim is not an approximation; it is a testament to chazal. The first complete (like Rambam and the Tur)ancient account of the calendar was by a non-Jew in Geonic times. He marveled at the accuracy of Chazal’s precise calculations and rules. Were chazal to be approximating we might have Pesach close to the summer with snow-covered sukkot in NY.

  5. nt says:

    FYI, the possuk the Rebbe quoted is specifically linked to plague in the Gemara. SEE:

  6. Steve Brizel says:

    Dr. Bill Scientific knowledgecis part of Hamchadesh bchol yom Tamid Breishis and what he acknowledge in Atah Chonen LAdam Daas It is not Kochi VAtzum Yadi Perhaps we all need some recognition of that during this Magefa See a review of Ross Douhats book on Decadence at Mosaic A society that values centers for facilities for yoga and working out over child care centers by its most prominent employers is promoting sterility Acknoedging that which the Torah and its Chachamim have always advocated even and especially in an age that is narcissistic to the extreme is important Rhat is one Pshat Vhayu Mitzuyanim Sham

  7. Steve Brizel says:

    See YWN about the levaya of the Klausenberger Rebbitzen ZL with social distancing and audio hookups and compare that with the patently inappropriate behavior in Williamsburg Gov Cuomo just increased fines for social gatherings How much Chillul HaShem should we forced to witness and be ashamed of? If OU see someone without a mask out on public why not say something ?

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