BDE – Mara Kochba

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5 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    I do not think I ever knew or met this woman, but the words in the above column brought me to tears. She sounded like an incredible woman who unfortunately had too much suffering in her life. And while she was clearly appreciated by a handful of people, it was not nearly sufficient considering the great love she had for our Jewish people. I get the feeling that her path to Heaven is a straight one.

  2. So touching. Resonated especially because I just officiated for a similar funeral in NY. Only I am at risk and the widow of this gentleman is in quarantine. A minyan met at the cemetery and saw to the kevurah. 80 members assembled on Zoom for Divrei Hesped.

  3. Yoni Samber says:

    Baruch Dayan haEmes.
    I lost by never having met her, but i am grateful for learning about her here.
    Sometimes I think that Hashem has a special VIP section in gan eden for people like her who lived alone, but perservered in walking with God nontheless.

  4. rivka says:

    I have only listened to the first link, but that is unquestionably the inimitable and remarkable Mara speaking in the first couple of minutes. As only she could. She and I disagreed on a constellation of things, but she was a dear friend and very special person.

    May her memory be for a blessing, and may she intercede for us Above as she did below.

  5. Shlomo Ben-David says:

    Mara was an incredible woman, and us in Israel cry over such a good friend who has passed. She was a Tzadika, who gave and gave for Israel and we will always cherish her. BDE

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