Moral Breakthrough At Stanford: PTSD In A Time Machine

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15 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    The reaction by Stanfords admi istrators is illustrative of college off8cials especiallly in the Ivies who will nend over backwards to avoidriots ala rhe 1960s at Columbia and refuse to recognize real harm when it is present in their campuses tolerate conservative dissent by faculry students and speakers. it is obvious that the Marcusian view of allowing some speech at the expense of other speech is in full swing at major college campuses .

  2. Steve Brizel says:

    Noone should be fooled by conswrvative tokwns such as tbe Hoover Institute and a few prominent conservatives. They are islands in the liberal left sea that dom8nates rules and suppresses conservative vuews in higher education today.

  3. Steve Brizel says:

    The lack of a response by the administrators at Stanford is indicative and illustrative of administrators of universities who will tolerate anything and everything to avoid riots ala the 1960s, but who will use speech codes to suppress students and faculty with opposing and conservative views and who have rendered higher education an example where some speech ala Marcuse is tolerated at the expense of other forms of speech and opinion. Conservative professors ,intellectuals and their POVs are an endangered species in the US today because of this trend which sacrifices true debate as envisioned by the First Amendment in the name of social conformity

  4. Bob Miller says:

    This boils down to “I want to beat people up without consequences.” A university that makes learned excuses for such types has totally lost its way. Already in the late 1960’s, some prestigious universities were letting radicals run amok on campus.
    See by Thomas Sowell.

  5. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Not to be allowed to turn oneself into a victim with bad excuses for stupid action is a great privilege, one I wish more people would enjoy.

  6. Steve Brizel says:

    Hoover at Stanford is a classical case in point of a conservative island in a liberal/left/progressive sea.

  7. Bob Miller says:

    Regarding Hoover at Stanford, here’s an old instance of a scholarly institution in a surprising place:

  8. Dr bill says:

    On the positive side, many great talmudists, halalkhists, and historians have taught at Stanford and other liberal bastions

  9. Raymond says:

    When an individual or group is confronted with a rival individual or group who displays marked superiority over them, there are basically two ways to react. Either one can take the high road, striving to emulate one’s superiors, or one can take the low road, by seeking to destroy the competition. Part of the genius of America is that from its beginnings, it has sought to adopt the values of traditional Jews. As a result, America is one of the most successful, humane, compassionate countries that has ever existed. And then there is the way of destruction, of reacting to one’s superiors by doing all one can to destroy one’s neighbors. That was how the Nazis decided to react to us Jews. resulting in extreme harm to our fellow Jews, and yet in the end, we Jews prevailed over the Nazis. There are no more Nazis, while we Jews continue to not only survive but also to thrive. The islamoNazis have so overwhelmingly decided to react to Jewish superiority in the same way that the Nazis did, that one has to wonder if perhaps the religion of Allah should change its name to Nihilism, because utter and total destruction is apparently their sole aim in life, resulting in little else but death and misery. We Jews will ultimately emerge victorious just like we always do, and yet the price we have to pay in Jewish suffering on the way to that victory is so very painful to bear.

  10. E. K. Thaler says:

    Press reports I saw about the “retraction” only mentioned “trauma” and dropped the modifier “transgenerational”


    Leaving aside the considerable challenge to maintaining religious commitment at a secular university, it is completely bewildering how any Jewish parent could send their child to a liberal arts institution with the degree of antisemitism that is rampant on their campuses.
    It is simply not safe nor conducive for advanced education for a Jewish young adult to attend liberal universities today.

  12. Raymond says:

    If enough Jews would stop any financial involvement in those universities where antisemitism is rampant, those universities would suddenly find a way to curb their antisemitism. Same goes for the Democratic Party, where the ever increasing power of the Far Left has significantly increased the presence of antisemitism there as well.

  13. Bob Miller says:

    Regarding the comment by ROBERT LEBOVITS August 19, 2018 at 2:29 pm:

    I’m not sure parents who’ve been through college realize how the scene has deteriorated since then. College choice should include at least as much due diligence investigation as buying a house. The PC outlook itself is worse and more pervasive than it once was. Jewish organizations on campus vary widely in their understanding of our enemies and their willingness to stand up for our cause.

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