Moving Commentary 8: Love Up Close and From a Distance

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4 Responses

  1. mb says:

    Moving is the correct adjective.

  2. dr. bill says:

    Rav Osher Weiss is a classic posek who veers right or left with an incisive, creative and innovative logic. I have only caught a few snippets of his hesped for his wife. putting up a link would be appreciated.

    the problems of Russian olim, who serve in the IDF and sacrifice for the Jewish people, even after their attempts at conversion have been denied, must be addressed. The attempts by Rav Rabinowitz, Tzohar, DNA technology, etc. will either succeed or further erode respect for the chareidi establishment. Someone willing to risk their life for the State of Israel is not the basis for geirut; it is, however, the basis for rabbinic creativity and leniancy in addressing the issue.

  3. Reuven Ungar says:

    Rav adlerstein a profound thank you for sharing this with the community. May the ahavah so beautifully expressed in your words be shared in times of joy as well.

  4. Steve Brizel says:

    As Dr Bill wrote R A,Weiss is a Poaek with hige dhoulders who answers halachic inquiries from rabbamim.around thevworld and who tbinks outside the Charedi envelope. At an Agudah sponsored Yarchei Kallah he mentioned that he had been asked about a halachic issue regarding a tank in tbe IDF and asked the audience for a show of hands as to how many had ever seen a tank outside of a picture. His sefarim.especially the ShuT and works on Shemittah and the Moadim aa well as his Sichos are superb. Look at the ShuT and you will see that R Weiss is the address for inquiries from.allsectors of the Torah world.

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