The Philo-Semitic President

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4 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    The acts perpetrated against JCCs and cemeteries and even in neighborhoods that were pro-Trump are disturbing. Yet, one should never confuse Jewish values  or promote the idea that Jewish values exclusively can be identified with what is called the “progressive agenda” or the “conservative agenda” . We should be able to reject that which  can be found far left and far right extremes of either agenda, and determine which, if any political ideology or governing political party, poses more of a threat or poses  the lesser of two evils to our communities and our bedrock Yesodei Emunah of Torah, Avodah and Gmilus Chasadim. That being said, one waits for the Democrats in general to welcome people of faith in general , to deplore the closing of the minds in academia and the media  and not be overly identified with groups that are clearly hostile to free exercise of religion and who would use Congress, administrative agencies and the courts to demonstrate such hostility in a clear and open manner. Like it or not, one looks in vein  for a HHH, Sccop Jackson, etc in the Democratic Party of today.

  2. Reb Yid says:

    So let me get this straight:

    This “most philo-Semitic President since George Washington” has:

    –On International Holocaust Day issued a statement that amazingly did not mention Jews in it.  And then, when he and his spokespeople are later asked about the omission, lash out, double down and are quite happy with keeping the statement the way that it is;

    –Managed to do the impossible–twice.

    1)  He got all four mainstream rabbinical associations, ranging from Reform to Reconstructionist to Conservative to Orthodox (RCA) to publicly condemn his Executive Order on immigrants.  Even the Agudah expressed some reservations.  I can’t think of the last time all of these organizations agreed on anything, let alone something of a Presidential nature.

    2)  He got all 100 Senators to sign a letter, putting the pressure on federal agencies led by Trump to take more decisive action on the hundreds of threats to JCCs, day schools and other Jewish institutions.  While local Jewish institutions cannot heap enough praise on local authorities in dealing assertively with these threats, there is complete exasperation at the lack of anything similar by the AG, the Justice Department or indeed by Trump himself.

    It took forever for Trump to say anything about this issue at all.  Finally, after his daughter tweeted a JCC hashtag and even his buddies at the Wiesenthal were asking the feds to do more, he was forced to say something.  He has still said far too little and done even less.  He has the power to have his AG and Justice Department do a lot more, but apparently he has them busy intimidating immigrants.  It also does not help that Trump has suggested the possibility that Jews or Democrats might be behind these threats “to make me look bad”.

    I would just love to have read your take on this had a Democratic President done all of this, in less than two months in office.  If this is one’s definition of being “philo-Semitic”, I would hate to think of one’s definition of being someone who has little regard for Jews.

    • Yaakov Menken says:

      Well, let’s see. The Holocaust Statement was written by one of Trump’s advisors — a Jew, who lost relatives in the Holocaust. He chose the message. And when liberal Jewish groups made a fuss, Trump, despite being a tremendous narcissist who goes to great lengths to burnish and protect his reputation, refused to point fingers at his Jewish aide. Some anti-Semite.

      The carefully worded statement of the OU and RCA was obviously sufficiently subtle to completely escape the thinking of Reb Yid. The statement said we cannot discriminate based on religion. Anyone who thinks this is a “Muslim ban” has sacrificed his brain on the altar of liberal PC thought and enmity towards Trump. The countries with the highest Muslim populations are Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. None of these is listed in the ban. This is because it is not a Muslim ban, unless you are a judge living in Washington or Hawaii. It is a ban upon countries identified as harboring terrorism. By the Obama administration. Of course, the fact that what these countries harbor is frankly identified as Muslim terrorism offends liberals, as unpleasant facts always do, but that doesn’t make it a Muslim ban.

      And, of course, all 7 countries are places where the average child is educated to hate Jews, and to believe that the majority of the anti-Semitic tropes identified by the ADL are probably true. According to “Reb Yid,” banning anti-Semites is… now get this… proof Trump is an anti-Semite! We seriously could not make this stuff up.

      As for the third issue, the rampant increase in acts of anti-Semitism during the latter years of the Obama administration, encouraged by a President who called Jews living in Judea the illegal occupants of “Palestinian” land, was ignored by the media. All of a sudden, when Trump became candidate, they began to blame all of anti-Semitism on Trump, contrary to the obvious signs of its vastly more public manifestations on the other side of the aisle (Palestinian flags flying at the DNC, Israeli flags burned outside, etc.).

      We don’t need to speculate what would happen if a Democratic President did this, because we watched it happen. Not only did BHO, his AG and Justice Department say and do nothing at all, but the media remained silent and liberal Jews continued to adore him. Now we are supposed to believe that the increase in anti-Semitism which took place in 2015 and 2016 is actually a new thing.

      At this time, only one person has been arrested for bomb threats against JCC’s and cemetery vandalism. He is a black Muslim who voted for Hillary and supported Sanders. And thankfully, we have a President who cares, despite being dogged by false accusations by Jews incapable of dealing with anti-Semitism in an objective fashion.

  3. mycroft says:

    It is still too early to tell which way the Trump administration will act on Jewish issues. An example, I would hold off either attacking or defending Trump on his Holocaust statement until next year. We will see next year which way he issues the statement. On Israel the jury is still out, in the past it is the Secretaries of Defense and State who have much more influence on Israel than Ambassadors. BTW an Ambassador coming from a frum background does not guarantee a smooth relationship with Israel-see eg Danny Kurtzer.


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