The New Book about Open Orthodoxy, and Rabbi Ysoscher Katz’ Critique

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9 Responses

  1. dr. bill says:

     “All are welcome to enter and to take a seat at this large and holy table.” but don’t expect an invitation to speak.   

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Radicals in camouflage use cynical tactics like blaming any opposition on bias and identifying with past greats quite unlike themselves.  What we see here in the Jewish context is the same thing with the same motivations.

  3. langer says:

    My rebbe r. Yaakov weinberg taught that post war—if it was not for the litvaks their would be no rosh yeshivas however without the hasidic world their would be no talmidim.

    • reader says:

      Quips aside, R. Yaakov Weinberg (of NIRC you mean I assume) was actually from the Slonimer Hasidic leadership family.

      • mb says:

        And my Rebbe taught me that because of Chassidim, most of Orthodoxy has become superstitious and foolish. Thank goodness there are a few rationalists remaining, that will rescue Orthodoxy from its triumphalist mire.Most of those are on the left including the hated YCT/OO. If there were a referendum, I’d vote to leave!

      • R.B. says:

        Really? Maybe you want to clue R’ Yissocher Katz into that notion that OO is more rationalist, while he going around and trumpeting Chassidus as the cure-all. But carry on with your contrived narrative.

      • mb says:


        Did I say all?

      • R.B. says:

        Response to MB at 10:56 am – he is a leading “light” of OO, not some marginal figure, so his views carry much weigh in YCT.

  4. reader says:

    While it is true that important YCT/OO faculty/leadership is from Hasidic stock, like R. Ysoscher Katz (Satmar-Pappa), R. Chaim Rapoport (Lubavitch), and Reb Avi Weiss (Bobov), R. Katz’s attempt to make the Litvish world the bogeyman here is way too simplistic.

    His comments reveal a staggering ignorance about the Litvish world as well.

    “Lithuanian thought leaders see emunah peshutah as the highest virtue.”

    On the contrary, that usually is a Hasidic position.

    “As a matter of fact, Litvaks first show up in history’s arena as a movement dedicated to thwarting theological innovation.”

    Silly, laughable, and incorrect.

    Maybe we can ask the (ex) UTA Satmar dayan, R. Roth, who ordained R. Katz, what he thinks of his student’s claim that OO/YCT is Chasidic? Or R. Moshe Weinberger, the Hasidic mashpia at Yeshiva University? Or the non Litvak leaders at RIETS who are some of the fiercest opponents of OO/YCT?

    Katz is using an old tactic of the non-Orthodox, trying to pose as the heirs of the Hasidic movement, fighting a stern establishment. But the masses don’t seem to be purchasing his novel.

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