Weekly Digest – News and Essays In and Out of Orthodoxy – Chol Ha-Moed Pesach 5776

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Brizel says:

    The linked CS Monitor article raises once again an issue-home or away for Pesach. I can understand large families who just lack the space to get together or elderly people to get away. Yet, I wonder whether Zman Cherusenu becomes replaced by Zman Batul Toraseinu even at posh locales which even boast of Scholars in Residence and a fully stocked Beis Medrash. After all of the backbreaking work to prepare for Pesach, enjoying the Sedarim with children, their spouses, grandchildren and a great grandparent at home with an emphasis on what the grandchildren learned sends the right message as to priorities and chinuch and how to properly fulfil the Mitvas Sipur Yetzias Mitzrayim- at home. Even if one goes to a hotel ( as we did one year), a private seder where you can conduct the seder as though you are at home to some degree ( but for a lot more money) strikes me as far preferable to bolting through the Hagada so that you can eat at a decent hour.

    • mycroft says:

      Steve I agree. BTW the Rav felt that one should observe the Seder at home.

      The reasons are independent of the issues of  open class distinctions on Yom Tov created for the general Jewish community discussed recently by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg.

      Backbreaking work IMO in general too much work is done cleaning for Pesach- Too many confuse that with “spring cleaning” when I was in Yeshiva we were told any spring cleaning should be done after Pesach-otherwise it ruins peoples Pesach.


      • joel rich says:

        to paraphrase the bard, “acculturation, thy name is American Orthodoxy”.  A life of tzniut (modesty/humility) is much more than hemline watching.

        moadim lsimcha

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