Elliot Abrams Wants You To Invite Bernie To Your Seder

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3 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    According to my understanding of the above article, the question is, how do those of us Jews, who do have some involvement with Judaism, get unaffiliated Jews to join us?  In one sense, I have no idea, since, thanks to my parents having the wisdom to send me to Orthodox Jewish schools throughout my childhood, I have always had a very strong sense of my Jewishness.  I therefore do not truly understand how there can be Jews who do not have at least as strong of an identification with their own Jewish people.  Having said that, however, there was a period in my very impressionable, early adult years, when I had strayed pretty far from Judaism.  One thing that helped to bring me back, was when I happened to read a book, written by a gentile, about the philosophy of Existentialism.  Sounds irrelevant, except that in the opening, introductory chapter to William Barrett’s Irrational Man, he writes quite eloquently and powerfully, how the two biggest cultural influences of Western Civilization, are the Greeks and us Jews.  One of the best chapters in that book, is a discussion of the ideas of Soren Kierkegaard, whose most famous work is a commentary on the Sacrifice of Isaac.  Until then, I had not realized just how important we were to the outside world.  And since then, people like Dennis Prager have pointed out to me through his talk radio show, how the single most influential book in human history, is in fact our Torah.  It is a runaway bestseller every single year.  And who does the Torah talk about far more than any other people?  Us Jews, of course.  Virtually that entire book is about us Jews, despite the fact that we make up less than 1% of the world’s  population.  And while it is just so maddening how the United Nations seems to exist solely to condemn Israel, such an obsession again points to our central important in our world.  Even the nazis, with all of their almost unspeakable barbarity, engaged so much of our world, with tens of millions of needless deaths as a result, all over their apparently irrational obsession with our Jewish people.  Who are the tiny handful of the most influential people who ever existed?  Perhaps Moses, Jesus, the Mohammed, and Karl Marx. Three of them were Jewish, and Mohammed one lived in a predominantly Jewish town, where he was strongly influenced by them.  What I am trying to say here, is that while it may seem that we Jews are so biased, so parochial in how important we make Judaism out to be, that really virtually the whole world, shares our obsession.  We Jews really are important.  I would think that such a realization, would make any secular Jew think twice about denying the importance of the Jewishness that lies at the core of each of our Jewish people.

  2. Shades of Gray says:

    “See Meshech Chochmah, Devarim 30:2”

    Interestingly, on April 20, a year ago, the Meshech Chochma is quoted more fully(“Happy Birthday to a Great Country: Haaretz vs. the Meshech Chochmah”; also in “A National Return to Hashem – The First Step”, 6/10).

    “You will take it to your heart among all the nations where Hashem your G-d has dispersed you. You will return unto Hashem your G-d and listen to His voice.” How can the Torah speak of this as an absolute fact? What guarantee is there of this national teshuvah?] Ahavas Yisrael is etched in to the Jewish heart. When a Jew hearkens to what was fixed into his heart at Sinai, he remembers from where he was hewn. This will lead inexorably to the “return unto Hashem.” It is a certainty that when a Jew returns to his people, he will return to Hashem”

  3. Dovid Felt says:

    Watch “The Mystery of the Jews” on youtube. The Jews will always stay small in number. To be part of this exclusive nation takes commitment. To ensure your children do too takes sacrifice. The Seder night is a time when we recommit ourselves to the continuity of our great poeple.

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