Kalman, Vegans, and Kapparos

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  1. David Ohsie says:

    You are probably right that Kapparos sites probably attack interest because they are easier to attack than the typical grocery store with plenty of meat and poultry shoppers consuming an equal number of animals. But that is “normal” and Kapparos are “weird”, so they provide an easier target.

    Nevertheless, I myself have seen the falsity of this statement: “For the most part, chickens used for kapparos are handled gently”. I’ve been to Kapparos locations in Baltimore where the chickens were most definitely mishandled, in part because they were using “shared” chickens. I simply left without proceeding. Based on that experience, I think that a one chicken per person/family (with an adult mandated to be present) with some gentle handling by the waver is essential to avoid what is otherwise an example of being “Tovel V’Sheretz B’Yado”.

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