Israel Led the Way — Sadly

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8 Responses

  1. Reb Yid says:

    Scalia has proven to be incredibly intellectually dishonest. This justice is a big proponent of “original intent”–but only when it suits his political purposes. His angry dissent in the recent case upholding the Affordable Care Act is an embarrassment–our children and grandchildren will ask how such an individual was a Justice at all.

  2. Toby Bulman Katz says:

    Reb Yid

    Stop drinking the liberal Kool-Aid, it is not good for Jews and other living things.

  3. Mr. Cohen says:

    Around 3.5 years ago, I chose to end my 29 years of membership in the pro-homosexuality Democratic Party, and joined the anti-homosexuality Conservative Party instead. I did that because I am an Orthodox Jew who believes in The Torah.

  4. Reb Yid says:

    Toby Bulman Katz:

    Politics have little to do with how I view Scalia. If he was actually consistent in applying his “original intent” dogma, I would have more respect for him.

    I have far more respect for Chief Justice Roberts because his principled stances have been consistent. Sometimes they even go against what he thinks policy should or might be (like the Affordable Care Act)–but he stands by principle by consistently ruling on the Constitutionality of the issue at hand rather than what may be “good” or “bad” policy. I did not agree with his decision on same sex marriage, but I respect him for staying consistent with those same principles.

  5. DF says:

    There is an easy fix to the Judiciary problem, and its called “enforcement.” If the Prime Minister doesn’t enforce a law or a decision, and makes clear his intent not to enforce it, then that ruling has no impact. (A point the current US President has helpfully reminded us, by declaring that he has no intention of enforcing the anti-BDS provisions of the recent trade bill.) The Federalist papers made it clear the judiciary is to have neither the purse nor the sword, precisely because they saw clearly the problems a judiciary can create. That is, in fact, very much part of the system of checks and balances. A stronger executive would state clearly and forthrightly his intent to not enforce certain decisions. (Clearly he should pick his battles wisely.)If the public doesn’t like it, they can vote him out (unlike judges.) Every chief executive knows this, but has given every excuse in the book to shy away from it. That’s called, “weakness.”

  6. mycroft says:

    “Finally, the Left’s ruthless will to power, with scant regard for the rules of the game or the levelness of the playing field, has made American politics far more divisive than I remember”

    Was it the Left that organized sit ins that prevented recounts in Southern Florida in the
    2000 election? Was it the left SC Justices who went against states rights and stated that Florida absent any claim of racial discrimination could not recount their ballots?

    “The United States today is in almost every respect a more unpleasant country than the one I left over 35 years ago”

    Since Ronald Reagan became President the US has had a Republican President for 20 years and a Democratic President for 14.5 years. I believe that the Supreme Court has been in Republican hands every year since Rabbi Rosenblum made aliyah.

    “That optimism is reflected in fertility rates nearly one child per woman higher than any other OECD country.”
    Israel is unique among OECD countries -it is in the Middle East-look at fertility rates of Israel’s neighbors. Of course, mostOECD countries don’t have as high a percentage of Chareidim and Islamic believers who both have high fertility rates.

    “The dangers of missile attack and now a nuclear Iran (courtesy of Obama and Kerry)”
    It was the Bush administration that refused to give Israel bunker buster bombs to bomb Irans nuclear capabilities. Israel was let on by GWB-they felt he would take care of business before he left office-they were cruely and sadly maybe tragically blindsided.

    “because liberals can always be counted on to reliably vote their political views decided to short-stop the process.”
    As will Conservative Justices see eg Gore v Bush-BTW as a Jew thankGod they usurped democratic processes it would have been disastrous to have a Jew as VP on 9/11.

    “Already in my long ago days in law school, the dirty secret of Roe vs. Wade was that it was incomprehensible on legal grounds”
    As are many SC decisions. It is clear that in the first decade after the Constitution was ratified no one felt that the SC would be the power that it became for example Chief Justice Jay resigned because he was elected Governor of New York, in 1795. Jay disliked serving on the Court because he believed the position lacked prestige. That was before Marbury v Madison where Marshall took upon himself the power of making the Supremes the ultimate decider. Not of course, why didn’t Marshall recuse himself in that case-thus the SC has almost always been about power not theoretical Justice.

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  7. Raymond says:

    The Supreme Court decided as it did regarding gay marriage only because some of its judges were chosen by Barack Obama. And Barack Obama was able to choose those judges, only because he was elected President not once, but twice. And instrumental in both of his victories, both in their votes and their monetary contributions, were our fellow Jews, who voted overwhelmingly for him, a man who is so vocally and obviously hostile to Israel, and whose vision of the world is diametrically opposed to the Torah worldview. We Jews therefore have nobody to blame for the downfall of America, then our own fellow Jews. This leaves me with feelings of anger, sadness, emptiness, and just plain hopelessness.

  8. Y. Ben-David says:

    The birth rate of secular Israelis has increased and is comfortably above replacement level. The Haredi and Arab birthrates have DECREASED over the last decade. The fall of the Arab birthrate is seen all over the Middle East and also includes the non-Arab Iranians who now have one of the lowest birthrates in the world.

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