On Never Having to Mention Islam

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5 Responses

  1. DF says:

    Your last lines is the point, and should be repeated. Politicians fight over their reticence or willingness to speak of “radical Islam.” But that’s like speaking of “extremist” Jews, whom we all know is always someone else, never ourselves. No Muslim thinks himself a radical, each thinks he is simply doing no less than what the religion requires. And therein lies the problem. Not “radical Islam” – Islam itself.

  2. Reb Yid says:

    No moreso than saying that the “price tags” are a manifestation of Judaism, which is the real danger.

  3. BTG says:

    George W. Bush consistently said the same thing.

  4. Yirmiahu says:

    I’m sorry but I guess I’m a little tired of people kvetching about this administration, or the previous administration, pushing the notion that Islam is a religion of peace. It seems pretty obvious that these people have no interest in being “apologists” for Islam but instead are trying to influence how typical Muslims, particularly those who live here, conceive of their religion. I believe that (portions of) the New Testament is antisemitic but don’t think it is particularly prudent to spend a lot of time trying to convince evangelic Christians of my point. Is it really a good idea to convince nearly a quarter of the world’s population that intellectual honesty requires them to accept that Jihad is what their religion teaches is the Creator’s will?

  5. Steve Brizel says:

    The current administration stands in the judgment of history of abandoning its allies, and pretending that Islamic spawned terror is a criminal justice, as opposed to an issue of national security, as well as assuring us that it can bring “peace in our time” with the one nation that finances, aids and abetts terror throughout the world.

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