Viewing One Another with a Favorable Eye

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  1. brooklyn refugee sheygitz says:

    Rabbi Rosenbloom – this is beatiful. Really.
    My son just finished his advanced infantry soldier training and will be shortly sent with his unit up north to what you describe as where “the border is heating up again after decades of relative quiet”. So many people have said to me that aside from getting the clodest 5 months of the year up there for his brigade’s 5 month rotation he should count himself lucky as it’s relatively a better and quiter service. Of course we know that after 40 years of “quiet” this is no longer the case….

    One thing however – while we appreciate the work of “kesher yehudi”, I think my son and I would appreciate it more if kesher yehudi encouraged haredi youth to join him at his side at the start of basic traning and in uniform. Not wait for the hospital visit. Leave that to people who have been discharged by teh army due to age or medical necessaity or other reasons. Not people who have self-selected themselves for a discharge. Thank you.

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