The Final Test?

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5 Responses

  1. Shmuel says:

    Well said, R. Yonasan.

    I would add that perhaps specifically these third and fourth generations after the Holocaust are being tested, to make clear to all just what they have learned; whether they (the “שלשים”& “רבעים”) deserve being treated by Hashem as following in the footsteps of their elders, or having learned to repudiate the old hatred and its trail of barbarism. What a merit it would be for this generation of Europeans if they protested in Europe’s cities, making clear “We will not allow this genie monster of anti-semitism out of the bottle again.”

  2. Elimelech says:

    Excellent and truthful article; in this final test the bar has been at rock bottom. Previous enemies of the Jewish People may have displayed some superficial redeeming features, however vile they were. At the very least concern for their own lives and the lives of their comrades.
    An American or British anti-semite would have been comfortable having a beer with a German Nazi.
    Hamas and company are so low and alien that no westerner could have anything in common with them, other than their Jew-hatred.

  3. Mr. Cohen says:

    I will try to use this as a Pesach devar Torah 8 months from now.

  4. Elimelech says:

    Should say ‘the bar has been set at rock bottom’

  5. Bob Miller says:

    In the wide world now, the main job of media, academia and government is spreading mis- and disinformation—especially about us. We’re in the Faux-Information Age with many shiny new devices to display, move and store it.

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