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10 Responses

  1. Joe Hill says:

    The IDF spokesperson has tweeted that Officer Hadar Goldin’s death was determined by an “IDF Committee”. This falls far short of any halachic requirements in determining death, despite the IDF’s internal rabbi certifying this result, and seems more likely to have been declared to cover the Israeli leaderships determination not to have to deal with another Shalit quagmire by rather pretending their soldier is deceased and they thus have no further responsibility in rescuing and retrieving him.

  2. Nachum says:

    Joe Hill: This is actually done according to clear halachic guidelines that have been laid down over the years, and is completely determinative factually as well. (Note that this is the same IDF that has not yet declared five other MIAs as deceased.) You may have your criticisms of the government (I certainly do), but this sort of conspiracy-mongering and sniping from “frumness” is uncalled.

  3. David says:


    And your source for this is?

    Next time you check with him, please ask him who’s going to win the Super Bowl in January 2015. I’d like to place a big bet.

  4. Robert Lebovits says:

    Some have reported that the death of 65 soldiers in Israel would parallel the loss of over 2500 soldiers in the US military. I disagree.
    If 2500 US soldiers had perished in a military action only a fraction of the populace in America would have had some personal connection to the dead. When R”L 65 korbonot are taken from our people, there is no one who is disconnected and distant from the pain and heartache. We all grieve for our lost ones.

  5. dr. bill says:

    Joe Hill – You do not know the details, the halakhic requirements that were followed, the role the IDF’s chief Rabbi, etc. etc. Even if you did, perhaps keeping your suspicions private, would be wiser.

  6. SA says:

    There were actually some carefully worded reports in the press here about remains found at the site of the suicide blast, DNA testing that determined who they belonged to and what body parts they were from, and the incongruence of those findings with remaining alive. So Dear Joe, let your imagination fill in the blanks and take your silly conspiracy theories elsewhere.

  7. Toby Katz says:

    Joe Hill,
    I don’t know how you can possibly have imagined that the IDF would declare a soldier dead if they did not have definitive proof. All the conspiracists come out of the woodwork on the internet.

  8. groinem says:

    None of these soldiers were married. It is not a sugya of agunos. The guidelines are much simpler.

  9. cvmay says:

    Joe….if there were any doubts of his death, our slimy, evil cousins HAMAS would be bending over backwards for some CASH/PRISONER/Good WILL prize.

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