The Anti-Eyal, Naftali, and Gil-ad

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6 Responses

  1. Mr. Cohen says:

    Since the number of single Jewish females is always
    greater than the number of single Jewish males,
    the brutal murder of: Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar,
    and Eyal Yifrach by Arab Muslims will probably
    result in three Jewish girls never getting married
    and never having children.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    “BUT THE GREATEST DAMAGE done by the perpetrators has nothing to do with Israel’s image among the nations. Rather it has to do with what they stole from the Jewish people. They have robbed us of a precious moment of national unity. As we witnessed the nobility, strength, and faith of the Yifrach, Shaer and Fraenkel families during their eighteen-day vigil, I doubt there was a Jew in Israel who did not experience of surge of gratitude for the privilege of being born into the eternal Jewish people.”

    The perpetrators had no ability to steal our unity. We have the choice to keep it or give it away.

    “Breaking the spell of that precious moment of Jews clinging to one another is the hardest to forgive aspect of the heinous murder of an Arab teenager.”

    If this is only a momentary spell and not a strongly and widely held conviction, what is its true worth?

  3. lacosta says:

    as might have been predicted, the Other haredi magazine [not the one rJR writes for] has already tried to call for a quid quo pro—haredim stood up for DL’s in their time of need, now DL’s should submit to the haredi agenda vis a vis the israeli military…

  4. Nachum says:

    If one is truly consistent in one’s humanity, the “hardest to forgive aspect” of any murder is the taking of an innocent life. Nothing else comes close.

    Mr. Cohen: I have to protest your post in both terms of propriety as well as factuality. (In all human populations, slightly more men are born than women, as it happens- it’s a way of making up for the fact that more young men die in war and so on.)

  5. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    R. Yonasan, You said that there is no escaping the evidence that the murderer was Jewish. I’m sorry. Neither you nor I are privy to the internal material of the investigation. Since is is a security matter, probably many of the legal people also are not seeing much of it. I have seen mention that some of the suspects are minors and some are mentally unstable. I have also seen mention that they are semi-dropouts from the Sefardi hareidi community. That may be anti-hareidi propaganda, or it could be a true manifestation of a real social problem for which the hareidi community is not necessarily to blame. Young, mentally unstable kids could be easy material for manipulation by cynical forces with either criminal motivation or seeking to create just the provocation to blunt the edge of the correct righteous indignation of the people of Israel who have suffered this loss. The circumstances of this crime are very suspicious. If the young Arab was abducted in an Arab neighborhood, how was it that Jewish perpetrators were comfortable enough to enter such a neigborhood? I would not walk around in Shu’afat without fear of being attacked at such a sensitive time. The criminal world in Israel, theft, drug dealing and vice, has a very “good” track record in the field of Jewish-Arab cooperation. If these were recruits to a criminal gang, that would explain their ability to be present in such a place. If they were part of an extremely violent gang of Beitar Yerushalayim fans who hate Arabs, they would have been attacked on the street and mob violence would have ensued and they would have been torn limb from limb. Why was that Arab kid the victim? There is a persistent story going around that this was an “honor killing” with the participation or acquiescence of the family because of his abnormal behavior. The Jewish suspects could have had an involvement with drugs there. In short, we don’t know and we should be silent. It should be sufficient to condemn all violence without implying who did it until they get their day in court, if they ever do.

  6. c-l,c says:

    Mr. Cohen

    The “shidduch crisis” of that milieu is all in the other direction.

    Someone in authority in the West Bank claimed a few years ago,that they have 10,000 or so more males than females.

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