The PCUSA and the Banality of Evil

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4 Responses

  1. Cvmay says:

    BDS is a destructive organization established to combat all positive energy aimed towards Israel. This group is gaining in numbers, strength & global publicity.

    It is the time for us to react, thank Bed, Bath & Beyond manager for stocking the shelves with ‘soda stream ‘ products. Tell the supermarket thanks for offering Israeli food items & if not, ask them why? Let’s put ACTIVISM back into our Jewish vocabulary.

  2. loberstein says:

    Prior to the 6 Day War,there was a major push for “Ecumenism”., Only Rabbi Soloveitchik’s opposition kept the RCA from participating.
    Then when the horrible build up to the war when we worried if Israel would survive, the Presbyterians and the other churches did not lift a finger to help Israel. There were no “territories”.Why should we be surprised now?

  3. Leah Chantzi says:

    The really sick element of PCUSA and other organizations, whether religious or not, is the emotion used to describe what they think Israel commits.
    There are audio videos of college campus groups and PCUSA members blubbering incoherently, hyperventilating and using wild gesticulating hand motions to express how horrible and evil they think Israelis are. I look at these people and for the life of me I cannot wrap my mind around the extent of the toxic mix of ignorance and arrogance.
    it is difficult to view these people as intelligent especially when I contemplate that they believe the nonsense of their own made up avodah zora….

  4. Bob Miller says:

    The so-called mainline Protestant churches mainly house liberals, who, of course, adhere to the liberal religion. Whether Orthodox Jewish liberals appreciate this or not, the purest form of today’s liberal religion has no use for Judaism or Israel. Overlaid on this is the legacy of Christian anti-Semitism, which, among some groups, is longer in remission or even in concealment.

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