Defining Deviancy Down

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3 Responses

  1. Charlie Hall says:

    I have refused go watch this video.

    What is really depressing is the frum Jews who have been defending this.

  2. Chochom b'mah nishtanah says:

    How can this not be a kiddush hash-m? This boy did something in a non-Jewish venue in the most non-Jewish manner and was lauded by the non-Jewish judges.

    It is Halacha pesuka from gedolie poskei haBlogs that there is no greater kiddush hash-m.

  3. Steve Brizel says:

    How anyone can define the rationalization of the conduct involved and described as a Kiddush HaShem escapes me. What wonders what the parents were thinking in allowing their child’s mind and soul to be polluted by appearing on such a show.

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