Tikvah Yeshiva Fellows – An Interim Report

A while back, I wrote with pride and expectation about the Tikvah Yeshiva Fellows program, to be held mid-August on Long Island. We’ve been putting together faculty, while processing the applications. Since the time of that writing, we’ve secured the involvement of Rav J David Bleich, shlit”a, as well as R. Meir Triebetz (Machon Shlomo), Yonoson Rosenblum and Avi Shafran. It is shaping up as a not-to-be-missed opportunity for thinking yeshiva-educated men to match wits with bright peers, spend time with seforim usually overlooked during the zman, and explore issues of tzibur and our relationship with the non-Jewish world.

Besides staying resident for the week of the program, R Rosenblum will be giving a two-day workshop on effective writing, including critique of each participant’s work.

Tikvah has provided two respected names in the area of contemporary conservative thought. One of them, Vincent Philip Munoz, was cited in the Supreme Court decision about prayer at town meetings.

Meanwhile, the promise of a parallel program for women has born quick fruit. The program will follow on the heels of the men’s program at the same location.

Applications are still being accepted. If you know any yeshiva-oriented students looking for a bit of intellectual stimulation, please steer them to the Tikvah Yeshiva site.

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2 Responses

  1. Micah Segelman says:

    Is it possible that source material or recordings from this program can be made available to a broader audience?

    [YA Hasn’t been decided yet.]

  2. b/c says:

    Perhaps this way the shidduch crisis will be solved as well.

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