A Different Kind of Shivyon BaNetel

And a different kind of charedi-Tzahal cooperation.

Very moving.

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5 Responses

  1. Surie Ackerman says:


  2. cvmay says:

    For the majority of Israelis, IDF induction and participation is a desire.
    So glad that the Jewish State is able to absorb and give these wonderful young adults this attainable goal.

  3. Y. Ben-David says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for posting this. A wonderful example of one of the great principles of Judaism….making things better for EVERY JEW, no matter who or what they are!

  4. Andrew Bloom says:


    Where is the major chareidi involvement? This is a program developed by the IDF. It seems that Chabad has a program that piggy-backs on this. But the video is not about that.

    This seems to be the beauty of Israeli society — including secular — that formed this.

    [YA The program was conceived of and originally run by secular Israelis. As it grew, it was taken over by the current sponsoring organization, Yad L’yad Meyuchad. That organization is charedi-run. It CEO appears in the youtube.]

  5. Eli Julian says:

    Wow, what a moving video! The end brought me to tears! This is such a prime example of the type of bending over backwards the army is willing to do to accommodate the different populations it has in its ranks. This should be a must see for all the Charedi leadership to show them the army’s willingness to make accommodations

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