Opening a Dialogue

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10 Responses

  1. Crazy kanoiy says:

    “But having read it -all I can say is get it”

    Assuming that one would be intrested in reading this, can you please explain how he can “get it”. When I google Dialogue Journal all that comes up is a journal of contemperary Mormon thought. Is there a website where one can subscribe?

  2. lacosta says:

    kudos to any journal that features an author that they themselves have put in cherem…

  3. Baruch Cohen says:

    Where can I get a copy?

  4. Yaakov Menken says:

    According to the inside front cover, write to [email protected].

    Mention Cross-Currents for a free set of unbreakable steak knives that also cook the meat. Or not. But mentioning us might lead to us getting a copy of Issue #5 to review.

  5. milhouse trabajo says:

    R Menken, not sure i understand this line:
    “discussing the extent to which the demands of political correctness have shoved aside scientific fact to elevate “being gay” from a manifestation of the Yetzer Hara to an identity” – you seem to use the words “scientific fact” pretty strangely, i assume you mean “Rabbinic Assertion (based on a logical fallacy that God would never make someone born gay)”. Is your belief that being gay is truly just a manifestation of the yetzer harah that is not inate or from birth, and you have never met someone that obviously belies this assumption?

  6. Yaakov Menken says:

    Milhouse, your confident assumption betrays a lack of knowledge — of science, not rabbinics. Identical twins are no more or less likely than any other two siblings to express the same gender preference, despite being biologically identical and raised in presumably a quite similar environment. That is scientific fact, assertions of an “innate” or “from birth” preference notwithstanding. If you go back to the 1990’s, one study after another claimed that there was a higher coincidence of the same preference. Those were contradicted by later, more comprehensive studies. Yet the myth of the “gay gene” survives.

    Some people may prefer promiscuity, polygamy, bestiality, and/or abusive behaviors, and there may be cultural and perhaps even genetic factors contributing to a predisposition towards those behaviors. Does that change our definition of right and wrong?

  7. Tal Benschar says:

    “Is your belief that being gay is truly just a manifestation of the yetzer harah that is not inate or from birth”

    The yetzer hara is innate and from birth. That’s a possuk:

    כִּי יֵצֶר לֵב הָאָדָם רַע מִנְּעֻרָיו (Ber. 8:21)

    As Rashi there says:

    מנעריו: מנעריו כתיב משננער לצאת ממעי אמו ניתן בו יצר הרע:

    from his youth: This is written מִנְּעֻרָיו [i.e., without a “vav,” implying that] from the time that he [the embryo] shakes himself [נִנְעָר] to emerge from his mother’s womb, the evil inclination is placed in him.

  8. Dovid Kornreich says:

    I think it is very noteworthy to mention that this Chareidi-run journal published submissions of not one, but two current Y.U. Roshei Yeshivah in one issue.
    This is not your father’s Jewish Observer…

  9. Michael says:

    “This is not your father’s Jewish Observer”
    Who are the two YU Roshei Yeshiva? I only see R” Bleich’s name in the article. I’ll add that I’m not sure R” Bleich’s presence is such a chiddush – Artscroll has published him, and he is also a product of the “yeshiva world”. As far as Jewish observer, I believe they used to run adds for YU’s Kollel Elyon – I can’t imagine Dialogue doing that…

  10. avrohom katz says:


    They also published a letter from Rabbi Natan Slifkin, so I am not sure what this proves.

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