Women of the Wall: Praying, or Disturbing Prayer?

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4 Responses

  1. Mr. Cohen says:

    Yaakov Menken said:
    “…neither HaAretz nor The Forward was interested
    in publishing a response to the challenges laid down…”

    Yet amazingly, Jews who claim to be 100% Orthodox will continue to
    buy and read The Forward, and other Orthodox-bashing newspapers.

    And if you suggest to them that they should stop buying Orthodox-bashing
    newspapers, the most likely response is a bunch of illogical excuses.

  2. mb says:

    Dateline Rosh Chdesh Av

    5000extra young women (and men) at the Kotel. Praying or Disturbing Prayer?

  3. L. Oberstein says:

    Phyrric victories are disasters. Israeli chareidim seem to fight all the time, it is totally rediculous. The WOW are small group and the chareidim ,by playing into their hands have given a breath of life to the hetrodox movements. now they have something to fight for. Let a few women wear a tallis and ignore them. They should be using Robinson’s Arch area anyway,but arresting them made them martyrs. This has been mishandled all along. Why do a few males who like to make noice get to make us all look bad. If nice tzinusdike bnos yisroel want to daven, gezunter heit, but do they need to be bussed in every month? You have proved your point that there are more Seminary girls than Women who want to wear tefilln, so what? Can’t we deal with real issues and stop this internicene narishkeit.

  4. Mr. Cohen says:

    “The Women of the Wall had deliberately caused brouhaha.
    It was all for show.

    Once they came into the women’s section flanked by cameramen
    and reporters, some of the women spoke to the reporters,
    while the rest of the women sang Hallel in a chorus.
    They sounded beautiful praying together as a group.

    But they were singing so loudly that no one else
    could focus on their own prayers.

    Even more so, religious men were trying to block out
    the sound of their voices, since halachically men
    are prohibited from listening to women sing.

    I can’t speak for the intentions of the women,
    but it seemed that they were singing to prove
    a point to those at the Kotel, rather than
    praying to God.

    I left while they were still protesting because I found
    their actions disrespectful to both the holy nature
    of the Kotel and to the people who were trying
    to focus on their prayers.”

    SOURCE: Women Of The Wall: More Harm Than Good?
    by Ariella Israel, 2013 July 10, Moment Magazine,

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