In Times Of Crisis, Return

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4 Responses

  1. Shonnie says:

    “extremists” detonated a bomb. Hmm, sounds like the nytimes or AP. Orthodox Jews are extreme. These guys are terorrists

  2. Allan Katz says:

    In our efforts to do teshuvah we should not forget the suffering of all people , and pray that all we be safe and the hurricane will turn way and die down. My thoughts and prayers are with you all

  3. menachem says:

    When I read your title I assumed this was going to be a call to return to the Holy Land. Do you think perhaps the terrorism you write about was a sign from Hashem that terror is not only something the Jews of Israel suffer but all Jews, so maybe the NY Jews should, like the Jews of Worms failed to do, return to Israel?

  4. Avigdor M'Bawlmawr says:

    The Haiti earthquake was 7.0. Details matter.

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