Agudath Israel on successful military operation in Pakistan

May 2, 2011

Agudath Israel Statement
on the successful military operation in Pakistan

Today’s world harbors less evil than yesterday’s.

While vengeance is not a responsibility of us mortals, the pursuit of justice is. And the demise of a mass murderer committed to an ongoing campaign of worldwide terror is just indeed. We join all civilized people in rejoicing in the success of the American forces’ recent operation in Pakistan and in expressing deep gratitude to our fighting forces and their Commander in Chief.

As believing Jews, we see in Bin Laden’s demise the clear Hand of G-d. We recognize that our joyous gratitude – and our ongoing prayers for safety and security – must ultimately be directed to the Melech ohaiv tzedaka u’mishpat, the King Who loves righteousness and justice.

May we merit to witness Hashem’s eradication of all evil from the world, with the arrival of the Go’el Tzedek, speedily in our days.

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