Ohr Ve-choshech Mishtamshim Be-irvuvia

It always takes courage and moral backbone to publicly apologize, and we should acknowledge this in Richard Goldstone, who has recanted much of what he wrote in the notorious Goldstone Report. Like the feathers released from the pillow in the Chofetz Chaim’s famous mashal, it is impossible to know how many lives were lost because of the report, and how many are still in jeopardy because he gave our enemies all the ammunition they could have asked for.

In a piece entitled “Yom Kippur Comes Early For Judge Goldstone,” Jeffrey Goldberg said it well:

It is truly astonishing that a man brought up in the Jewish tradition, which considers false and hurtful words to be a form of murder, and in the Western legal tradition, which presumes innocence until proof of guilt is established, could issue a report like the report Judge Goldstone issued.

Even in his apology, he places too much of the blame on Israel and not enough on his own misjudgment. Perhaps it is too much to ask for a full apology from someone possessed of a large ego. It should not be too much to ask him to request appearances at key venues like Larry King and the BBC. And we should ask of ourselves to monitor which media outlets will ignore Goldstone’s about face, and pressure them into covering the story and its implications.

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7 Responses

  1. Ori says:

    Our enemies tend to use facts the way a drunkard uses lampposts – for support, rather than illumination. If Goldstone’s reported that Israel is innocent, they’d have dismissed it a Jew lying to help fellow Jews. In fact, they will probably do that now if they hear about his apology.

    The main advantage we can get from this is a further erosion is the status of the UN.

  2. Miriam says:

    Ori thank you for putting some optimism on the whole Goldstone blemish.

  3. BR says:

    I think this falls under “M’Uvas lo yuchal liskon”

  4. another Nathan says:

    The NY Times apparently refused to publish Goldstone’s letter of regret. Jews don’t need non-Jewish enemies when we have Jews like Goldstone, or institutions founded by Jews such as the NYT, Al-Reuters, Agence France Press.

  5. lacosta says:

    if you go to the antizionist websites, like the jewish run mondoweiss.net, you will see that they agree 200% with the original goldstone report [they felt is was way to lenient on the war criminal apartheid regime], and this should be seen as zionofascist repression by reactionary jews in the US that led to his partial recanting…

  6. Dov says:

    This was no apology. I have a soul mate who asks me for true apologies from time to time. I know what a true apology is, and I can verily say Mr. Goldstone did not apologize.

  7. lamomma says:

    The ‘apology’, and the way it fell flat in the MSM(mainstream media) are a tremendous object lesson on the repercussions of loshon hora.

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