Ohr Ve-choshech Mishtamshim Be-irvuvia

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7 Responses

  1. Ori says:

    Our enemies tend to use facts the way a drunkard uses lampposts – for support, rather than illumination. If Goldstone’s reported that Israel is innocent, they’d have dismissed it a Jew lying to help fellow Jews. In fact, they will probably do that now if they hear about his apology.

    The main advantage we can get from this is a further erosion is the status of the UN.

  2. Miriam says:

    Ori thank you for putting some optimism on the whole Goldstone blemish.

  3. BR says:

    I think this falls under “M’Uvas lo yuchal liskon”

  4. another Nathan says:

    The NY Times apparently refused to publish Goldstone’s letter of regret. Jews don’t need non-Jewish enemies when we have Jews like Goldstone, or institutions founded by Jews such as the NYT, Al-Reuters, Agence France Press.

  5. lacosta says:

    if you go to the antizionist websites, like the jewish run mondoweiss.net, you will see that they agree 200% with the original goldstone report [they felt is was way to lenient on the war criminal apartheid regime], and this should be seen as zionofascist repression by reactionary jews in the US that led to his partial recanting…

  6. Dov says:

    This was no apology. I have a soul mate who asks me for true apologies from time to time. I know what a true apology is, and I can verily say Mr. Goldstone did not apologize.

  7. lamomma says:

    The ‘apology’, and the way it fell flat in the MSM(mainstream media) are a tremendous object lesson on the repercussions of loshon hora.

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