My friend Jonathan Rosenblum’s Critique

My dear and esteemed friend Jonathan Rosenblum has taken me to task in Yated Ne’eman for an Ami Magazine essay I wrote entitled “Our Not So Humble Opinions.” Both my essay and his critique are posted below here on Cross-Currents. My thesis was that it behooves Jews to not embrace conclusions, particularly political ones, without knowing and weighing all the facts. As an example, I cited a public figure about whom I believe many Orthodox Jews are not fully informed: President Obama. Jonathan strongly contests my suggestion that Mr. Obama may not deserve Israel supporters’ opprobrium.

I have written a response in turn to Jonathan’s critique, and it is set to appear tomorrow, in this week’s edition of Ami. As per my agreement with the magazine, I cannot post writing of mine appearing in Ami until the week after an edition is published. But I thought I would let Cross-Current readers know, in case any of you might want to seek out a copy of this week’s Ami. If previous issues are any indication, it will have much of worth and interest to offer.

Most importantly, I want to thank Jonathan for his thoughtful critique. I think that respectful — even if strong — disagreement within a community about contemporary issues is a sign of its maturity, and a boon to better understanding of other positions, and to emes.


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