WikiLeaks and Anti-Semitism

WikiLeaks continues to be a big story more than two weeks after the latest batch of State Department documents were released. What has so far been poorly understood, however, are the motivations of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Most people assume that Assange is either a fierce proponent of government transparency, which he is promoting via WikiLeaks or that he is driven by opposition to aspects of American foreign policy, such as the war in Afghanistan.

As it happens, Mr. Assange wrote two essays in 2006 setting forth his philosophy. He is an anarchist, who does not just oppose particular American policies, but American power as such. He told Time Magazine the week of the most recent release that his goal was not the creation of a more transparent society, but a more just society. And more just means, first and foremost, a neutered America.

In his view, the American government is “an authoritarian conspiracy,” which he seeks to make less effective by reducing the ability of various “conspirators” to exchange information and talk to one another. Exposing American government communications, from this perspective, is only a means to the end of rendering the American government smaller, slower, and stupider, by making its various branches increasingly reluctant to share information with one another.

Michael Moynihan, writing in Reason Magazine, shines light on another puzzling aspect of WikiLeaks: its association with rabid anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. Israel Shamir, who once lived in Israel and served in the IDF, serves as the Russian-language aggregator for WikiLeaks. This same Shamir once told an audience at Tel Aviv’s Israel-Palestine Friendship Center, “Jews exist only to drip the blood of Palestinian children into their matzas,” and proclaims it the duty of every Muslim and Christian to deny the Holocaust.

As the person responsible for distributing the WikiLeaks cables to Russian news media, Shamir has added his own forgeries to the true documents. According to Russian reporter Yulia Layynina, on Echo Moskvy radio, he forged a cable showing collusion among those who walked out of a U.N. speech by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, whom he has described as a “brave and charismatic.” Shamir’s son, Swedish journalist Johannes Wahlstrom, serves as the Swedish spokesman and “gatekeeper” for the cables. Wahlstrom has his own history of falsification. In a 2005 article for a left-wing Swedish paper, he argued that the Swedish media is manipulated by Jewish interests on behalf of Israel. When three of those quoted complained that he had falsified their words, the magazine withdrew the story and apologized.

When queried about the Shamir/Wahlstrom connection to WikiLeaks, spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson, did not deny that WikiLeaks knew of the accusations that Shamir is an anti-Semite, but professed to be perplexed about why the questioner thought that should make any difference.

WikiLeaks, it would seem, is just another example of how filled with anti-Semitism the far Left has become.

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8 Responses

  1. rtw says:

    In an interview with David Frost aired on December 21, Julian Assange made quite clear he’s not an anarchist.

  2. eLamdan says:

    You seem to be asserting that antisemitism is more prevalent on the “left” than the “right”, yet you provide no evidence for this. Furthermore, you provide no logical connection between the two points of view. For example, what does Canadian-style healthcare have anything to do with antisemitism? What does Social Security have to do with antisemitism? What do tax brackets have to do with antisemitism? Has there never been any right-wing antisemitism?

  3. Miriam says:

    elamdan – Nowadays “left” “liberal” and even “Democrat” seem to be used as the same big lump of whatever someone more from the right is against. There are many Democrats who for example do not share the “liberal” views that cause one to pity and advocate for violent minorities, and as you point out racist attitudes have reasons to appear throughout the political spectrum.

  4. Joe Hill says:

    Not only is antisemitism more prevalent on the left than on the right, modern antisemitism is almost an exclusive left wing phenomenon, where it is tolerated.

  5. Ori says:

    eLamdan, I think you’re conflating the terms “left” and “far left”. “Left” typically means a desire to expand government to provide more social services. Far left typically means treating the US as equivalent to third world dictatorship.

  6. eLamdan says:

    Ori, it could be I am. I instinctively grouped this article with others from the same author where he seems to take on the entire “left” in this same manner. My impression is that the author considers Obama “far” left also, so I’m not sure he makes the same distinction you are making. For example, what would the author say about Rabbi Shafran’s recent article on Obama?

  7. Charlie Hall says:

    I often comment at the left wing site

    At 9am on December 1, 2010, an article appeared on that site entitled, “IS WIKILEAKS A FRONT FOR THE CIA OR MOSSAD? A JOURNALIST ASKS & IMMEDIATELY DISMISSES FAIR QUESTION”. (Caps are in the original.) The content was about what you would expect.

    At 10am on December 1, 2010, the author was permanently banned from ever posting articles or comments on

    Back in October, had banned the the principal behind the site from posting or commenting. I now have more time to learn torah now that I’m not constantly battling his slanders there.

    I know this is problematic for the Narrative, which is Left Wingers are Anti-Semites and Right Wingers are All Good, but those are facts.

    Personally, I think Assange is a menace to the entire free world.

  8. Jonathan says:

    “Israel Shamir” is a hoax. He is in reality Jöran Jermas, just your run-of-the-mill (Swedish) anti-Semite. That WikiLeaks chose to ignore his background is indeed troubling.

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