Silly Season, Part 2

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3 Responses

  1. Sabba Hillel says:

    If Israel remakes itself in the image of J Street, the Eastern border of the state would be 20 miles west of Tel Aviv.

  2. Jacob T says:

    Sabba Hillel: given how many olim (especially grandchildren of Holocaust victims)are forced to marry in Cyprus because they don’t have access to their maternal grandmother’s ketubah (let alone birth or death records for great-grandparents…the Nazis didn’t exactly draw up documents for the kedoshim killed in the gas chambers), there might be more truth to your joke than you first realized.

  3. L. Oberstein says:

    “was shocked when [on a recent trip to America] I spoke to 10th graders at a synagogue’s Sunday school. It is amazing what they do not know. . . . [F]ew knew that Abraham preceded Moses, few could name one prophet, few knew in what part of the world Israel is situated. They all know who Jesus’ parents were –but they do not have the slightest idea whose were Moses’. . .”

    There is an anecdote about Jewish ignorance in America 100 years ago .The visitor asks the child in Hebrew School, who knocked down the walls of Jericho? The frightened child answers “I didn’t do it?” The visitor looks as the teacher who says “he’s a good boy, if he said he didn’t do it I believe him” This goes on for several more people until it reaches the President of the shul, who says “how much does it cost, I’ll pay for it.”This joke is called a bitter joke (bittere gelechter) amd describers the low level of Jewish education 100 years ago. We are now manay generations after that story and the amazing thing is that the Jewish People did not disappear and that these same ignorant Jews built the infrastructure of American Jewish life. Today, we are facing grave challenges but we will survive and even thrive.

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