Silly Season Is Here Again

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4 Responses

  1. Davidf15x says:

    Precisely. As radio talk host Chris Plante likes to say, “if not for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.”

    As a BT, I am always amazed when another BT tells me they had no idea Judaism was so rich. If they had any previous inkling, they would have made the move back to Judaism so much sooner but “they had no idea.”

    They had no idea because the liberal branches of Judaism have created a faux-“Jewish” product which is merely a pious formulation of the progressive template, with no discussion of our texts, our sages, our history, or our wisdom. If the non-Orthodox world would merely take a fair-minded take at their own tradition and be truly pluralistic in their approach, they would quickly see that the people they have chosen as their leaders are not at all similar to our Rabbis.

    This seems to be the crux of the matter: Judaism requires participants to follow a chain of transmission of knowledge which requires not only effort but the guidance of a Rabbi. The liberal movements require nothing of the sort, as Eytan Kobre argues so well, the *requirements* go no further than one’s own sense and intuition of a “good” path. Hence, a close family member comes to my area and while I walk to Shabbat services–they go to the gay pride parade. It is clear that my path is based upon my willingness to trust in the tradition to form my morality while my family’s morality is framed by their own individual sense together with a belief that going to the parade is a Jewish thing to do and that (female) “Rabbi” would approve. They might want to say, in ignorance of what Shabbat observance means for a Jew, that their Saturday activity is *equal* to mine.

    Until Jews are willing to police their leaders so that untrained facilitators they call Rabbis but have no legitimate ordination are not the SAME as a Rabbi and that a Jewish life devoid of Jewish practice is *less than* one that is full–the call for “pluralism” will not be seen as fraud. All actions are not equal, real Rabbis are not the same as women and men who get a couple years of teacher training and know almost nothing of Judaism, and a program of liberal style “social action” (primarily focused on homosexual marriage, abortion rights, sexual liberty and contempt for conservative Christians) is no genuine substitute for learning the mitzvot, daily davening and doing teshuvah. The left loves to preach tolerance but seems to have no tolerance for Jewish ritual practice and their fellow Jews.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Well, we really are all on a journey, but a lot of us got lost. Those of us who are objectively (that is, by Torah standards) not lost have a duty to try to get the others back on track, not to let them wander further into the oblivion of assimilation.

  3. Jacob T says:

    Medinat Yisrael was founded by Jewish Nationalists, seeking a Jewish National home for the long-persecuted Jewish people. Judaism, to these early Zionists, was first and foremost an ethnic/racial identity. They were Am Yisrael, as defined yes, by Hitler and Stalin, but also 2000 years of European and Muslim neighbors. Liberal Jews, with “no discussion…of our history” remember that time when all Jews–the pious and the not-so-pious, the observant and the less-observant–were all forced to live by the same set of temporal laws, for better or worse in community with one another.

    Should Iran or some other power seek again to exterminate Am Yisrael, Medinat Yisrael must remain a refuge for all Jews, no matter their practice. Modern liberalism has enabled Jews for the first time to live in separate enclaves according to the traditions and practice of each group, but we cannot depend on current conditions prevailing indefinitely. I do not care how your rebbeim choose to deal with the issue of conversion. The political state of Am Yisrael must remain open to all Jews, or risk complicity in the deaths of millions of…people of Jewish descent, (if that satisfies you?)when the next crisis arises.

  4. Ori says:

    JacobT: The political state of Am Yisrael must remain open to all Jews, or risk complicity in the deaths of millions of…people of Jewish descent, (if that satisfies you?)

    Ori: The issue isn’t Heterodox Jews. We are considered completely Jewish according to Halacha, just not very good at it. The issue is only Heterodox converts and their descendants (from marriages with non Jews – one’s spouse having a Jewish paternal grandfather is sufficient under Israeli law). I doubt that this population would be in the millions.

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