Angels in the Dark – A Mood Piece for Tisha B’Av

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4 Responses

  1. joel rich says:

    Interesting-see the commentary on Kina 23 in the new kinot mesoret harav (based on the lectures by R” J B Soloveitchik ZT”L) where he comments on why a kina about individuals is found in the middle of the kinot about communities – We do not forget the faceless, nameless individual even in the midst of national disaster and people respond tot he story of an individual personal tragedy more readily than a national tragedy on a large scale.

    Shenireh bnechemat yerushalayim bmheira byameinu

  2. lacosta says:

    when one reads such stories, and eg yaffa eliach’s hasidic tales, one cannot be struck by the hashgacha pratis , the mi yichyeh umi yamut, and the large part the RBSO has placed on people in His world. truly Aushwitz is a judgement on Mankind , rather than on the RBSO…..

  3. snagville says:

    Stalin famously said, one person that is killed is a tragedy, one million people killed is a statistic. And he would know.

  4. One Christian's perspective says:

    “…. people respond to the story of an individual personal tragedy more readily than a national tragedy on a large scale” – Joel Rich

    Amen to that. I believe that in God’s wisdom, He created us to be relational – relational toward Him as well as toward others. When we can do so without malice, bias or self-serving purposes, we can experience His goodness as we reflect on His wise design and reach out to strangers. That said, I am thankful for the creators of “Cross-Currents” who have allowed a gentile and even a Christian to enter their site and “meet” Orthodox Jews who I would not have an opportunity to “meet” otherwise and to discover the unique humanity that resides within each individual as God has planned ahead of time. By your graciousness, I have entered into you world in a safe way that has helped me to understand Orthodox Jews as a people who seek God and have struggles not unlike others. Before this I only knew of Orthodox Jews from a distance as I saw you walking in long dark coats with dark hats as mysterious strangers who lived in cities I passed through. Now, what my mind could not understand from distant appearances, my heart has and as a result,………… are no longer strangers.

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