Preaching to a Very Mixed Choir

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3 Responses

  1. aron feldman says:

    Very powerful,but is a UN resolution worth the paper its printed on?

    [YA – Decidedly yes! If suicide bombing becomes a crime against humanity, all those who aid, abet, and fund it become subject to prosecution.]

  2. Charlie Hall says:

    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, not normally though of as friends of Israel, have both described suicide bombing as a crime against humanity.

  3. Nachum says:

    Oh, please:

    “Yet today, when you hear the word Religion, it is too often associated with strife, conflict, and yes, the terrorist scourge that poses an existential threat to us all. We live in a time when young people from all economic strata happily strap bombs on their bodies and blow themselves up, even in houses of prayer, in the name of religion.”

    Hmmm. What religion would that be then? Is there a plague of Jains blowing themselves up somewhere in the world? Are Bahai busy blowing up Taoist shrines in Japan?

    “A good place to start would be to declare unanimously that blowing up people in His Name”

    Which name? Buddha? Krishna? I can’t imagine what the good rabbi is talking about.

    The failure to call the problem by its name- to actually say “Islam” and “Allah”- to act as if somehow we’re all responsible here- is a big, big part of the problem.

    [YA – It may be. That leaves us with two choices. We can lick our wounds and feel bad for ourselves. This will mean that all those who don’t tune in to far-right radio hosts will hear nothing of what extremist Islam is up to. Or, we can play along with the rules of the PC game, and speak about these things without mentioning names, but allowing people with a modicum of intelligence to draw the lines between the dots. Which would you prefer?]

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