Maybe It’s the Cholent

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3 Responses

  1. Yerachmiel Lopin says:

    As we stand on the precipice of the holy day of Purim, explain, pray tell, how the chulent would explain the happiness of our sefardi, Mizrachi and Teimani co-religionists. 😉

    [YA: 1) Chamin 2) Moroccan fish, instead of gefilte]

  2. anonymousinTeaneck says:

    Perhaps a higher percentage of Orthodox couples are happier in their marriages than the general US population, but the OU cannot make that claim with this survey. The GSS surveys a sample of the US population, which means that it is representative of the US population. The OU survey was an anonymous online survey, which cannot claim to be representative of the Orthodox population.

  3. Aaron says:

    Follow-up… there are NO comments on the article on the WSJ. Yeah, right. That increases the credibility factor… not.

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