Maharal Looks For New Home


The 400th yahrzeit of the Maharal just passed, which means we are still in a prime time to motivate ourselves to study one of the most important Torah thinkers of all times.

A good friend and beloved Los Angeles figure needs a refuah shelemah, and many people here are finding things to do in his merit. My tentative contribution is to offer a four or five week series on Maharal to some group that can constitute itself, find people (men and women) who will commit themselves to the series, and agree on an evening in which to do it. Participants would have to be able to handle Hebrew text, albeit with accompanying translation.

I’m prepared to offer this either in the Los Angeles area (logistically easy), or a remote location through web-conference, if the local group has some facility in using the appropriate software and access to webcams.

Anyone interested can simply reply in the comment section, which will not be published.

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