Further Reflections Upon Prague

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3 Responses

  1. Dovid Eliezrie says:

    Yitzchak I would have expected better. The credit for much of the rebirth of Yiddiskiet in Prague goes to the valiant efforts of Rabbi Menachem Barash the Chabad Schliach in town. At the least you could of mentioned him. [YA – my dear friend Reb Dovid. I would have been happy to mention him, had I met him. As it turned out, not a single representative of Chabad joined the conference, although there were rabbonim from all over Europe. I did hear good things about some Chabad shliach in Prague, but the relationship between Chabad and non-Chabad in Prague is marred by the fact that there used to be one minyan three times a day, until Chabad decided to organize their own. Now Prague has two half-minyanim at many times.]

  2. L. Oberstein says:

    Madeline Albright and Senator Kerry are both descended from Prague Jews.
    If all the gentiles in the world who have Jewish blood were to be recognized,they would number in the hundreds of millions.Tragically, most are lost. The few who want to come back, like part Jewish Russians serving in the Israeli Army face a daunting marathon. maybe,we must like being very small.

  3. Shalom Rosenfeld says:

    “Does serving in out of the way outposts bring out the best in people, and produce such gems? Or are people like this around in all of our communities, often underappreciated and unknown?”

    1.) That depends. Are we raising our children/students to seek out and lead on their own, or just to follow the crowd?

    2.) There’s certainly an element of “in a place without men of greatness, strive to be one” (Pirkei Avos). Many large American communities give off the sense that they already have all they can use of everything Jewish (except for money).

    3.) Also the growing hashkafic trend that if you’re not learning a yeshivish subject in a yeshivish way in a yeshivish location, it’s bitul torah and should be avoided as much as possible. (See #1.)

    4.) Forces produce counter-forces; everyone understands that the Communists tried to stamp out religion, so we fight back. But when the challenge is just plain ignorance and apathy, it’s harder to galvanize people.

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