What Uri Benefeld Has to Teach Us All

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3 Responses

  1. Nathan says:

    Jonathan Rosenblum said:

    “Speed limits and fire codes are not rules enacted by gentiles to embitter our lives, but to protect those lives.”

    May I add that recycling laws are designed to save BILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year in energy costs.

    Recycling laws are designed to reduce air pollution and improve America’s balance of trade, which helps the value of the dollar.

    Out Torah commands us to NOT waste any useful item (Bal Tashchit) yet many of us treat recyclable aluminum as if it were garbage.

    Out Torah commands us Dina DeMalchuta Dina, you must obey the laws of the place you live in. So why do we ignore recycling laws?

    Last but not least, obeying recycling laws means less money for the Arabs, because obeying recycling laws reduces energy costs.

  2. another Nathan says:

    Recycling has nothing to do with saving lives or energy (probably does the opposite). It’s a religious ritual to make one feel they’re doing the right thing. Uri Benenfeld seems to have a better grasp of how to go about doing the right thing.

  3. Steve Brizel says:

    Nathan-if Congress and the current administration supported drilling for oil off the Gulf and the Pacific Coast, instead of caving into the demands of environmentalist utopians and their junk science vision known as global warming, we would be economioally independent and far more socially mobile than we are today. We have gone from being a nation that was an industrial powerhouse into a nation at risk because of excessive governmental regulation, acts of Congress that mandate lending to anyone regardless of their ability to pay, union benefits that have grown out of proportion in response to any sense of productivity and environmental extremism that favors the views of an urban elite at the expense of those dependent on the automobile for their social mobility.

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