Jack Kemp

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  1. Raymond says:

    I had no idea that Jack Kemp had been so seriously ill, and so I was shocked when I heard the news last night about his relatively early death.

    It has long been a mystery to me, why Jack Kemp never became President. Back in 1996 when he was Bob Dole’s running mate, I remember thinking that it should have been a Kemp-Dole ticket rather than the other way around. At least in my perception, the only person more like Ronald Reagen than Jack Kemp, was Ronald Reagen himself. That, to me, is about the biggest compliment that anybody can pay to an American politician.

    I know that Jack Kemp was a strong supporter of the Jewish State of Israel, which leads me to try to make a point here. Perhaps I take my relatively strong Jewish upbringing too much for granted, but for the life of me, I do not understand how any American Jew of voting age could possibly not vote for the more pro-Israel candidate in any given election. And yet, that is not only the case, but approximately 75% of American Jews consistently vote for the candidate who is worse for Israel.

    At least until the last year or so that he was in office, President Bush was our strongest friend since the late great President Reagen. Yet that magic percentage of 75 (of Jews) voted for his opponents. What is even more maddening to me, is how any Jew at all could have voted for such a blatantly anti-Israel candidate like Obama, and yet once again, about that same percentage voted for him. And how many Jews supported Rudy Giuliani, before his campaign crumbled? Rudy is so pro-Israel, that I have heard it suggested that he would be a better Prime Minister of Israel than any of the Israeli Prime Ministers have been!

    The point is, with virtually the entire world wanting us Jews dead, with us Jews so few in numbers, and our tiny Jewish country surrounded by the most hostile, murderously barbaric people in the world, let us put aside our differences long enough to at least vote for leaders who want us to be alive and thrive.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    When we lived in Metro Detroit, Jack Kemp was once the featured speaker at the big annual Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Dinner downtown.

  3. Baruch says:

    He was a good man and Rav Ahron Soloveichik would qoute him We need Peace for Peace and not land for Peace.

    Kol tuv,


  4. MYCROFT says:

    “At least until the last year or so that he was in office, President Bush was our strongest friend since the late great President Reagen”

    Certainly there is much that is troubling about at least the potential of what the Obama administration is hinting about Israel-but don’t romanticiaxe the past. GWB made very anti-Israel hints in 2001-can one forget Sharon’s remarks after 9/11 with the attempt of GWB to sort of explain it and say that US must be more even handed. Sharons remarks that we won’t become another Czechoslovakia. GWB was the first president to make explicit US policy to have a Palestinian state-of course wonderful irony Reagan was the first president to to recognize the PLO-can one forget Reagan and the fights that the Israeli lobbi had with him regarding places to Saudi Arabia.
    Jack Kemp can be remebered as at least avery decent man in his heart-his leading boycottof potential AFL All Star Game in New Orleans because of discrimination against blacks shows where his heart was. Of course, one can seriously argue that his supply side economics-with the resultant deficits has been the case of much harm to the US.
    A historical oddity Jack Kemp and OJ Simpson were in the same backfield of the Buffalo Bills for a year-1st and last years of their football careers. In terms of menchkite one can’tthink of 2 more different people.

  5. Raymond says:

    It is true that Condalisa Rice kept calling for a Palestinian State. However, it was all for show, not taken seriously by the White House. President Bush made the ceasing of murdering Jews as a pre-condition to such a state, because he knew full well that the islamofascists would never agree to such self-restraint.

    Contrast this with obama, who insists on a Palestinian State, as a precursor to Israel even considering destroying Iran’s nuclear capabilities. In other words, Obama is forcing Israel to accept either the islmafascists from Gaza murdering Jews, or islamofascists from Iran murdering Jews.

    And then think about history. Who were the ones who actively forced Israel to make huge concessions in exchange for nothing? It was Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama, all Democrats. Republican Presidents tend to leave Israel alone. Remember, Israel is its own county, not meant to be a mere puppet of the United States.

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