A Thought About Thinking

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4 Responses

  1. YNot says:

    Too true. v’tehi ha’adam l’nefesh chaya = Ruach m’lalela (see Onkelos) and yet we don’t use this capacity.
    Any advice on breaking the pattern?

  2. tova younger says:

    minor point – i think u meant 1969.
    good story – i have been telling my children & anyone else, there needs to be a book called how to overcome fear of thinking. maybe u would like to tackle it. how to work on it – i think we need to dedicate more of our day to the topic of shimras haloshon on a broad base. maybe 5 minutes, a few times a day. that, and davening for siyata d’shmaya! b’hatzlacha

  3. mb says:

    I think, therefore IBM.

  4. ClooJew says:


    Minor point, but Rabbi Shafran is right. The 1939 World’s Fair took place at, among other locations, Flushing Park, Queens, New York – the same location as the 1964 (not ’69) World’s Fair.

    Ninety seconds is all you would have needed to confirm the fact on Wikipedia.

    Also the fact that Rav Noach would have been in his late 30’s at that point should have tipped you off.

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