The World’s Worst Job

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    At this point, given the change of administration in Washington, Israel will not be able to count on the US to resupply military hardware during any conflict. There are past instances where resupply to Israel was a critical factor. Netanyahu had better plan around this potential lack of logistical support.

    It seems we are in a time when only something like a miracle will accomplish Jewish survival inside and outside of Israel. In view of that, our attachment to HaShem has to be on our minds and in our hearts far more than our attachment to America.

  2. Chaim Fisher says:

    Just like there turned out not to be any real ‘financial specialists’ in the American banks, there turn out not to be any real ‘leaders’ in government.

    Everybody’s in it for himself…

  3. David N. Friedman says:

    JR’s emotional appeal here is very understandable and I believe very wise. Israel cannot stand to continue to cater to the political ambitions of varying players and needs to unite to present a clear voice to its citizens and Israel’s enemies.

    Electoral reform seems a side question to his basic point which demands the end to bickering and a new beginning for Israel’s best minds to come together for the good of the nation. These are easy things to say and very difficult things to accomplish. I sense Rabbi Rosenblum would add here that what is difficult is very necessary, as Iran prepares its nuclear arsenal.

    Netanyahu has patiently awaited Livni’s arrival into the coalition. I know many people see no need for such a coalition but I agree that the spectacle of a political rival awaiting the failure of an Israeli government is something Israel cannot afford.

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