Rabbi Avraham Ravitz, zt”l: Mekarev

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3 Responses

  1. Pesach Sommer says:

    When I was living in Israel, I once went to a doctors appointment at a Kupat Cholim in Yerushsalayim. Sitting there, waiting his turn was Rav Ravitz ZT”L. Certainly, he could have used his political clout to get a private visit, but he waited his turn just like everyone else. This served as a small reminder of who he was. He was passionately committed to Toarh, without having the slightest amountt of gaiva. He will be missed.

  2. L. Oberstein says:

    There is a systemic problem in Israeli politics that the parties deal wtih narrow interest groups and thus have little motivation to reach out beyond their base. It would be wonderful is religion wasn’t in itself a political issue. I notice that some of my Israeli children who are more on the zionist side do not consider voting for a religious party. They think about broader issues . As liberal as I am , I think I would vote for UTJ out of a feeling that it will help get support for the institutions that preserve Yiddishkeit. But, I would also feel that there must be a better way to get money for a yeshiva. It leads to sinas chinam. Rabbi Ravitz was a successful man, not a political hack.That may explain why he was personally popular. Now, I hear that Shas is trying to wean away some chareidi voters who are disgusted with the infighting in UTJ. It’s more like shul politics than running a country.

  3. Tzafania D says:

    Rabbi Ravitz certainly has many great accomplishments to his name. However, I wish he had stuck up more for the Jews of Gush Katif, who were left as refugees and where never properly compensated by the Government.

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