Operation Cast Lead – Week II

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9 Responses

  1. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    We already knew two things: first, that the older generation of American Jews were willing to delude themselves rather than disrupt their political mythologies. We knew that from the Holocaust. As for the younger generation of non-O Amereican Jews having very little identification with Israel, we have already heard about those statistics on this site. Put them all together and this is what we get.

  2. Charlie Hall says:

    The US Congress just passed a resolution in support of Israel. It passed the Senate by voice vote, and the vote in the House was 390 to 5. Rabbi Rosenblum’s essay was two days before the vote.

  3. LOberstein says:

    “either duped or do not care very much about Israel’. Here we go again. The policies of the new administration will become clear shortly.In the meantime, Israel is fighting a very long war with no interference. American Jewry is assimilating and intermarrying at a rapid rate.This leads to many results, including a diminished connection to the State of Israel. One point that I would make is that there is a wide range of political opinions in Israel and many , if not most Israelis, would make “painful choices” for peace. What has prevented a further “hitnatkut” (retreat from territory) is not Israel ,but the inability of the Arabs to pretend that they want peace long enough to get the territories. Egypt played along and got back 100% of Sinai including oil wells. In the end, the right wing of Isaeli politics is helped by the abject falure of leftist policies. As long as chareidim don’t share in the burden and refuse to serve in any form of national service, it is wrong for them to spout policies that cause danger to others. In a time of war, we have to put long term strategy aside and pray for a good outcome, whatever that may be. I am not sure what will be the long term resolution of Gaza. Do you have an idea that will solve the problem? It is a boiling cauldron .

  4. Leah says:

    If anyone would like to know th amount of Arab/Palestinians living in other countries, look at the numbers for each country that have been showing up for that particular city’s anti-Israel protest. THIS should be enough of a wake up call to the world about who and what is living in their city.

  5. Toby Katz says:

    Anyone who gets their news from the media favored by conservatives will be better informed than anyone who relies on the NY Times, NPR and the rest of the liberal media for their news.

  6. Leah says:

    Yes, Toby, I hear you as well as if anyone is interested, there is a You Tube set of videos that apparently/alledgedly will be pulled off due to “lack of interest/viewing” When I went to the You Tube area that someone sent me, I noticed that under the spaces where it lists the amount of views, each video has at least 70, 000 to 350,000 views, so it appears that You Tube may not be wanting anything that shows the truth to be given favorable attention.

  7. Moshe Schorr says:

    Leah, as of now (Tuesday, Jan 13th 11A.M. Israel time) that link on YouTube is working fine. There are 39 videos available. the Url is

    Keep up the good work, Israel.

  8. Garnel Ironheart says:

    Here is what is most worrisome and only briefly alluded to in RYR’s article:

    Before the war started, Bibi Netanyahu was a shoe-in to win the general election in February. Now (surprise!) polls show that Kadima and Labour are looking to hold nearly all their seats due to their sudden “conversion on the road to Damascus”.

    This is potentially the biggest disaster awaiting Israel – a weak government finally decides to strike at terrorists after purposefully ignoring them for THREE years (remember Olmert’s “responsible government” speech?) two months before a general election it is looking to lose big time. If Kadima-Labour win that election, then we will be looking at more “peace initiatives” and unilateral land giveaways, all because of this moment of purported toughness.

    Israelis should be outraged at this cynical timing. How much easier would this operation have been one or two years ago? Why wait until now?

    Arik Sharon evacuated ‘Aza to save his political skin from corruption charges and ensure the leftist media in Israel would give him a positive legacy. Now Livni-Olmert-Barak are sacrificing Jewish boys on the their altar of self-preservation.

  9. Leah says:

    Moshe Schorr: I just spoke with a friend-don’t quote me, yet she had mentioned that they(You Tube) pulled the Israeli Defense Force videos…I will have to check for myself…..
    It seems that other than our own pro Israel media, we just can’t get fair coverage and the Israel media is not getting to the rest of the world….sigh….Hashem, Please help.

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