Israel Awakens

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5 Responses

  1. aron feldman says:

    Foreign Minister and would be prime minister Tzippi Livni strongly implied that Israel would have to wait for a direct hit on an Israeli school building or hospital before acting forcefully to protect her citizens in the South

    How this woman can make such an absurd statement and not have a negative popularity rating is beyond me!

    Such “chesbonos” will do nothing but compromise the lives of the brave men of the Tzahal Hashem Yirachem!

  2. Nama Frenkel says:

    I had the opportunity to watch a bomb fall in Sderot, with my heart pounding, having gotten out of the car I was riding in and run to a shelter. My mind was taken off my own fear because there was a young woman clinging to her phone, paralyzed on the sidewalk, talking no doubt to a child or an aging parent who was even more afraid. As we urged her into the shelter I tried to remember the Hebrew words for “breath deeply, you’re holding your breath.”

    The following Shabbos I sat at the lunch table as we heard fighter jets passing over our neighborhood in Ramat Beis Shemesh. I was glad it was our bombers passing over their houses for a change.

    While in Sderot visiting a friend for a few days I met a little boy, who was waiting for a bus with his mother. At six, it turned out, he has witnessed the death of 5 family members. That simply can’t work.

    The Israeli government’s failure to act on behalf of Sderot has been nothing short of despicable. There is a definite change in the air. Even peace-loving creeps like Shimon Peres are on record as saying it’s time that Hamas learned their lesson.

    In any other country in the world, the behavior of a neighbor like Gaza would have resulted in reducing their country to a simple hole in the ground.

    My friend Alvin commented, “we should avoid hurting innocent civilians. Fortunately, there aren’t any in Gaza” A bit of an exaggeration, I’ll admit, but if they want to vote in a group like Hamas, the citizens of Gaza will face the reaction to Hamas’ policies just like Americans faced the world’s reaction to our war in Iraq.

    From Israel with hopes you’ll all call your representatives, the White House and come to demonstrations in your cities.

  3. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    I can now say with near certainty that Defense Minister Barak has a clear goal in the Gaza operation and a reasonable chance of achieving it. The goal is to assure that he will continue as Defense Minister in the next government whether it is headed by Likud or Kadima.

  4. LOberstein says:

    Today I heard an Arab Professor in dialogue on NPR say “everyone knows that Israel does not care about causing civilian casualties.” This is so much the opposite of truth that it showed me that there is no way to logically argue with these people. The nightly network TV news now focuses more and more on the refusal of Israel to accept a ceasefire. Israel does get some initial understanding but the photos of dead Arabs, of crying children,etc. feed an emotional rejection of the Israel that is very dangerous. If this war goes on as long as it needs to, maybe 10 more days to really destroy Hamas, I wonder if the Israeli public and the United States will let it go on. Israel has to operate under conditions that no other country has to follow. So much for being a nation like all other nations. The zionist dream was based on a lot of wishful thinking, it just hasn’t turned out the way they thought.
    On the other hand, in 1939 when Nazi bombs fell on Warsaw, we were helpless, now when Hamas missles fall on Sderot, we have an army second to none in the region. If only that were the solution.

  5. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    After I said what I said about Barak’s approach to the war in Gaza, Moshe Feiglin, speaking on Arutz-7 in English, went one better. He thinks Barak is going to come out of this thing as Prime Minister. Check it out at Arutz-7.

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