Ships Passing in the Night

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5 Responses

  1. David N. Friedman says:

    JR is correct again, perhaps his loyal group of followers such as myself can state that he is perpetually correct about everything he writes.

    In his warning about the new peacemakers led by Pres. elect Obama, he signals the caution sign for good reasons. Jonathan Rosenblum is correct to mistrust the impulse of lawyers like Obama to find victory in a signature on an agreement without regard to real signals of peace that are on the ground and in the hearts and minds of the Arabs.

    All of this is shaping up dreadfully for Israel, their hopes for peace and Americans who want the best for Israel. The Arab side is biding its time waiting for circumstances more conducive for increased pressure on Israel for territorial concessions. Jimmy Carter is telling Assad in Syria that Israel needs to cede the Golan. The Saudi peace plan is seen as the gold standard for peace– in the region, in Europe and in most capitols of the world– asking Israel to return to the 1949 armistice lines. Obama repeated often that he did not like Likud and now Netanyahu will be forced to deal with an Obama-led American government which has preemptively stated Likud is not a good choice. By contrast, it helps not a whiff for any Israeli to indicate that McCain would have been better. In interviews, Obama repeated the line that Israeli settlements were a provocation and thus it seems if Israel is the problem, only Israel’s concessions can be a solution.

    If intelligent people recognize that there are no “shortcuts to peace”(JR’s correct assertion)–do not expect that this kind of wisdom will apply to Pres. Obama’s foreign policy stand–prone to be looking for a fast deal, from the strength of his personality and with the guarantee of the American people. This would be the ultimate American taxpayer back-stopping of a bad deal and reasonable people might better bank on the corrupt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to come through before the genocidal Hamas leadership morphs into Peace Now.

    If Israel is forced to make a choice between an American-sponsored deal vs. no deal with even more international isolation–I sense even Mr. Netanyahu will be forced to concede. The Israeli ship cannot afford to pass the American ship in the night. How big of a price Israel will pay for Mr. Obama’s rise to power is yet to be seen and this is my question and not one attributable to the very fine Jonathan Rosenblum.

  2. Joseph says:

    Jonathon Rosenblum is one Chareidei with his head screwed on straight.

  3. Chaim Fisher says:

    There is no difference between the leftist Israeli positions Rosenblum condemns, “Israel’s prime minister himself says that Israel’s future depends on the speedy achievement of a peace agreement with the Palestinians” and the Bush/Rice policies and frequent political statements calling for exactly the same thing.

    The leftist American Jews are practicing glatt kosher Bush policy in calling for the same agreement Bush is working on at this very moment.

    Perhaps Rosenblum should have started by convincing Bush and Rice not to push for return to ’67 borders, establishment of a Palestinian state, and splitting Jerusalem. So long as right-wing Bush continues to stay in the “Israel surrender” camp, Rosenblum is wasting his time arguing. Nobody in power agrees with him.

  4. YM says:

    To echo a little bit what Chaim Fisher says, analyze any Israel election result, from the 1990’s to the most recent. Instead of looking at the parties, look at the way the votes fan out from Right to Left. I think that every election turns out exactly the same. If Likud picks up votes in this election, it will be from the Right half of Kadima and perhaps some from Shas. If Kadima picks up votes, it will be from the Right half of Labor. etc, etc.

  5. HESHY BULMAN says:

    One point noticeably absent here – the current textbooks used in Palestinians schools must be given a good public airing. The venom, initially inculcated in Palestinian homes, is hugely exacerbated in the schools. The world must be shown – repeatedly and with great emphasis – what is being taught in primary schools there. Pressure must be brought to bear to lessen the constant demonization of the Jewish people. But, of course, this is all the stuff of dreams.

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