Living with Fear

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Again I ask for practical suggestions for maaminim—practical in the sense of steps to do right now the better to hang onto that “rope”.

  2. David N. Friedman says:

    “No hope” is a chilling forecast and one in which we all now live and how we emerged unscathed from these times would be a miracle of huge proportions.

    We have signed on for fear and fear we shall have. It is going to be a rough ride and I hope we all have the courage to hold on to that rope Rabbi Rosenblum describes so eloquently.

  3. ClooJew says:


    Here’s a practical suggestion: Try and help people find jobs. If one is employed at a large firm, as I am, one has access to positions available on the company’s intranet. The Orthodox Union (, among other organizations, has a program to help people find work and they would welcome access to these positions.

    I assumed that giving access to my company’s careers site was little help given that it’s public information, available on the web. But you’d be surprised at what people overlook. Having a contact gives them someone on the inside who may be able to provide guidance, or shoot off an internal email to an HR exec who is inundated with resumes. Plus it gives people chizuk.

    There’s your rope.

  4. Chaim Fisher says:

    Yes, it appears that the Mumbai attackers were indeed trained in Pakistan. You’d think the Pakistanis would be scared. After all, the US wasted no time going after the Taliban in Afganistan after 9/11. Not to mention attacking Iraq, on the basis of “evidence” that didn’t even exist. India, logically, should likewise clean out the Pakistani source of terror in any way possible to protect their people.

    But that’s not a problem for Pakistan. You see, they have friends in high places: Bush and Rice.

    Rice was sent over to tell India absolutely not to go after the known anti-Indian terrorists regularly training on Pakistani soil; and to protect Pakistan by watering down India’s accusations as much as possible, for instance by calling them just “information,” not the scarier “evidence” of Pakistani involvement.

    This article likewise very carefully aviods any call for cleaning up the huge terror base that Pakistan has become. Of course: Bush wants everyone to turn a blind eye to it.

    That’s funny, because this article does urge attacking Iran, which is only a potential threat. Pakistan is a living terror training ground. How sad that our “protectors” are refusing to attack terror at its obvious roots.

  5. Bob Miller says:

    Good suggestion, Cloojew (December 5, 2008 @ 2:47 am).

    My concern is that generating the wrong type of fear can lead to panic, despair, and paralysis, not to Yiras Shamayim and a proper reordering of priorities.

  6. saul says:

    The drastic cut in philanthropy for Torah institutions occasioned by the meltdown could not have come at a worse time for the Torah community in Eretz Yisrael, which faces its own special challenges.

    We are feeling the drastic cuts in philanthropy and the huge layoffs in all sectors of the Torah world. Rumor has it that three schools in Lakewood will be closed starting tomorrow since teachers have not been paid in months. Parents, rabbeim, storekeepers, professionals and businessmen are aching and in pain. We are in store for worse times ahead, with a new President, unknown personage and arguments rampart in every knesset party, the enemy feeding on the ‘green light’ of terror, and jew vs jew fighting. Hanging on the rope is not the answer, more than that is needed.

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