Keep it Simple

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5 Responses

  1. smeddumnik says:

    Learning to be satisfied with less is good, but one must also learn how to earn a living–and to be satisfied with a life of work, even if it isn’t a high-status job. Thrift is good, thrift plus industry plus valuing things of REAL importance is better.

  2. Chaim Fisher says:

    This article should be published in every English forum in the Haredi world, and translated word-for-word into Hebrew and done likewise there.

    Perfectly written and perfectly explained, this is a point that we miss at our peril. Thank you Jonathan Rosenblum!

  3. Garnel Ironheart says:

    May I also point out that much of the depression that plagues our society today comes from the sense of entitlement that comes with living amidst affluence.

    I know people living on social assistance who cannot afford their dailiy medications unless the government covers them, but have no trouble finding the money for cable TV, high speed internet, and cigarettes!

    How many children turn their noses up at food that 90% of the world’s population would snarf down eagerly if given half the chance?

    If we treat everything we have as a gift sent to us by the Kodosh Boruch Hu and realize that having too many gifts in this world deprive us of many in the Next, then maybe we will develop a better appreciation of what we have.

  4. tzippi says:

    I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but here goes again: and there are many people who HAVE been living thriftily, who don’t bother keeping up with the Coheneses, and yet they’re sinking too. Then again, this is not the first time I’ve read an article by Rabbi Rosenblum along these lines, so I guess there are many people who can still cut down who need to hear the message.

  5. LOberstein says:

    I am blessed with a son in Kollel and a daugher in law who appreciates everything we do for them. She never ceases to thank me for whatever we do and she makes do with what she has and still opens their home to many guests. As far as I am concerned they are supporting me . It is a zechus to have a child whose delight is in learning day and night and whose home is a font of chesed. I would cut expenses on many things before I would deny them what they need.

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